Willem Dafoe Ready to Return as Green Goblin, But Do We Really Need It?

Willem Dafoe Ready to Return as Green Goblin, But Do We Really Need It?
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There are far better options for Dafoe's return to the MCU.

When it comes to Spider-Man, there's always a debate about who's the best. We all have our favorites, whether it be Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, or one of the two animated versions.

That's probably the beauty of the franchise, and if you don't think about the scandals surrounding the copyright claims between all the studios, it might be a good thing to have so many talented actors portraying one protagonist.

But what about the villains Spider-Man has faced throughout the films? When he first appeared in Sam Raimi 's Spider-Man (2002), Willem Dafoe stole audiences' hearts as Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin.

So to see him reprise the role nearly 20 years later, in 2021's Spider-Man: No Way Home, was both exciting and astounding for fans. Now the question is, will Willem Dafoe return to the role of the Green Goblin for a third time?

Dafoe gave his answer in an interview with Inverse, stating that he would be open to reprising the role, but only if "everything is right."

"I mean, that's a great role. I liked the fact that it's a double role both times. Twenty years ago, and fairly recently, both times [were] very different experiences, but I had a good time on both," the actor added later.

While bringing back the Green Goblin as a character is not impossible, especially considering the multiverse that seems to be growing by the day, fans are still not ready to get their hopes up.

Of course, audiences will always welcome Willem Dafoe on their screens, they just don't think the production team will go down that road again.

Kevin Feige has already stated that he does not want to repeat the ideas of the previous movies, so why should he change his mind a second time?

After all, both fans and the creative team understand the potential of other characters in the comic book world that the MCU has yet to explore.

It might even be better to see Willem Dafoe bring one of them to life than to jump on the same bandwagon for the third time.