With Two More Book Adaptations Coming, Rick Riordan is Just Getting Started

With Two More Book Adaptations Coming, Rick Riordan is Just Getting Started
Image credit: Legion-Media

Now that 'Percy Jackson' makes its way back onto our screens, there is more to come.

It would seem that now is the perfect time to be a Rick Riordan fan – not only is 'Percy Jackson ' getting another cinematic chance but also several other books will be adapted soon.

Specifically, Riordan announced via his blog that two of his creations are on the way to the screens. The first one is 'The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid' – a series about the children of Egyptian gods that is pretty similar to the adventures of Percy Jackson in spirit. However, while the Olympic gods are making themselves comfortable on Disney Plus, this one is going to be adapted by Netflix, with Diandra Pendleton-Thompson to be in charge of the writing.

In fact, it's been about two years since Netflix announced it's going to adapt Riordan's books, so things have been going remarkably slow with this one. However, Riordan said that he expects Pendleton-Thompson to send him the final draft of the script, which might mean that the project will soon move forward.

Another adaptation that's coming is that of 'Daughter of the Deep' – a feature film based on Riordan's fantasy-adventure novel about Ana Dakkar, a Harding-Pencroft Academy student of marine sciences who embarks on a top-secret weekend trial at sea that will change the lives of her and her classmates. The book has just hit 41 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, and now it is moving forward to landing a screen adaptation, spearheaded by Aditi Kapil and Riordan himself.

"Thanks to all my fabulous readers for following along on a sci-fi adventure that has nothing to do with Percy Jackson, and giving so much love to Ana Dakkar and the new crew of the Nautilus," Riordan wrote, adding that he feels "great" about the upcoming adaptation.

The news comes as 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' continues shooting in Vancouver, with the series slated for a 2023 release on Disney Plus. According to Riordan, things are going great and he cannot "imagine Percy, Annabeth and Grover without seeing Walker [ Scobell], Leah [Sava Jeffries] and Aryan [Simhadri] ".