Worst Marvel Costume in History? Easy Answer For Fans

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An appropriate outfit is everything, especially when you are a superhero.

Fans seem to be constantly ready to engage in a debate, but sometimes they are surprisingly united on certain issues – for example, Marvel's worst costume.

Looks like the 2015 'Fantastic Four' movie is an undisputed leader when it comes to that. While fans unilaterally dislike the entire team's outfits, the way The Thing was handled is the worst for them – despite all the possibilities offered by cinematic technologies at the time. And the fact that it was practically naked all the time did not make things any better.

Some argued that the costumes "matched the rest of the movie", meaning that the outfits were just as bad as the storytelling, scenario, and the rest of the film. Others, however, urged people not to be so harsh, noting that there is an explanation for the bizarre designs.

"This doesn't make the outfits better by any means, but they don't match because they're all prototype suits. In Reed's case, it was also cobbled together while he was a fugitive. Again, doesn't make the designs better, but there's narrative reasoning for the lack of matching." – @Koncreet.

But 'Fantastic Four' is not the only movie getting slammed for its costumes. There were fans who argued that Captain America's suit in the first 'Avengers' movie was just as bad as those of Fantastic Four members.

Still, you have to give it one thing: it was as comic-accurate as one could imagine.

"As goofy as the older colorfull ones look, at least they were comic accurate. Which is appreciated. The FanFourStick suits are even worse than the OG xmen leather suits," – @FuzzedUpCookie.

Speaking of X-Men: these guys are also part of the contest for the worst superhero outfit, it would seem. Some people would not differentiate those from fan-made cosplays – which is fair enough if you look closely at the suits.

After all, clothes do make the man, even when the said man enjoys superhuman abilities.

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