Worth, Net Worth: Who Is The Wealthiest James Bond Actor?

Worth, Net Worth: Who Is The Wealthiest James Bond Actor?
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007 is definitely not just a number, but the amount of zeros at the end of their paychecks.

With Daniel Craig officially ending his James Bond era, many fans of the franchise are speculating about who will be the next.

Between Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, and Daniel Kaluuya, fans are ready to welcome any of them as their next favorite special agent.

Franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have previously shared a very specific vision for the role: they're looking for someone in their mid-thirties, so the actor could stay in the role for the next decade.

Whoever that person is, one thing is for sure: in addition to universal acclaim, he or she would receive a huge paycheck to bolster their net worth.

Of all the actors who have played James Bond, Roger Moore has appeared in the most films. He portrayed Bond in seven of them, which should've made him a huge fortune.

His estimated net worth was around $110 million, which is surprisingly not the biggest that the James Bond actor ever had.

Although he was wealthier than some of his colleagues, like Timothy Dalton or George Lazenby, Roger could not compete with Daniel Craig, whose net worth is reported to be around $150 million and can still grow with the upcoming projects.

According to Variety, the actor earned $25 million for each of the five James Bond films he starred in.

Still, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery, who have created the Bond image for many people around the world, come out on top with net worths of $200 million and $350 million, respectively.

There's no denying the public's love and adoration for them, which is perfectly reflected in their profits from the franchise over the years.

However, both Brosnan and Connery had such successful careers that their wealth was always supported by payments for many other roles.

Who will be the next James Bond is still a mystery to fans, but we can all agree that this role will open many doors for them.

Keep your eyes peeled for news and updates on this iconic franchise!