Would Reading Bridgerton Books Ruin Netflix's Show for You?

Would Reading Bridgerton Books Ruin Netflix's Show for You?
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If you're a fan of the Netflix show Bridgerton, then you may be tempted to pick up the books by Julia Quinn.

However, unless you read the books retrospectively after watching the on-screen adaptation, you're going to come across spoilers, which might take some enjoyment away when it comes to watching the show.

But would reading the Bridgerton books really ruin the show for you?

Overall, Bridgerton is a loose interpretation of Julia Quinn's book series, and it has a positive and a negative side.

On the positive side, according to fans, the books are tamer with less drama. Fans of the books express that reading them enhanced their enjoyment of the show. The Bridgerton books can also provide further insight into the characters and plot points that might not be included in the adaptation.

While there are some differences between the two versions, they both offer an entertaining and romantic story that will leave you wanting more. With both books and episodes in hand, Bridgerton fans can enjoy a richer experience that combines the best aspects of both media.

But there's also a negative side.

No onscreen adaptation is the same as its source material, and we already know that Netflix skipped the second book and went with book three for Season 2. For that reason alone, reading the books could ruin the experience of watching the show, because, as we mentioned, Spoilers!

Also, many aspects of book three have been significantly changed to allow season one to flow well into season two, which means that reading book two and book three will be a vastly different experience.

Additionally, some characters in the show portrayed differently than they are in the books, so reading the source material could give you a skewed understanding of these characters. Some, like Queen Charlotte, for example, aren't included in the books but are given a key role in the show.

You might also find yourself disappointed when parts of the book are omitted, like the thunderstorm trauma-bonding of the Kanthony relationship in Season two/book three.

Ultimately, whether reading Bridgerton books will ruin Netflix's show for you is an individual choice. It all depends on how much of an impact knowing what happens in advance will have on your viewing experience. If you want to get the best out of both worlds – reading and watching – it's best to read after watching Bridgerton on Netflix.