Yellowjackets' Creepiest Mystery Remains Unsolved: Who is The Eyeless Man?

Yellowjackets' Creepiest Mystery Remains Unsolved: Who is The Eyeless Man?
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Is this bogeyman going to play a major role in the plot, or is it just going to be Taissa's personal demon?

One of the most intimidating figures of Yellowjackets is the eyeless man of Taissa's nightmares.

This creature's influence on the events of the series has not yet manifested itself in any way, perhaps he will remain a personal demon for a politician, but it would be interesting to know his roots, strengths and abilities.

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For the first time, Taissa saw a terrifying creature before the disaster, suggesting that a traumatic experience in the Canadian woods was not the catalyst for the appearance of an eyeless man.

In the third episode, we learn that Taissa's beloved grandmother is apparently seriously ill and also suffers from visions.

In these hallucinations, she sees an eyeless man, which Taissa witnesses one day. Grandma screams at her not to let "him" take her eyes.

Then, when the grandmother has already passed away, we see little Taissa approaching the coffin and opening her grandmother's eye, and the emptiness inside of it frightens the girl.

In fact, the grandmother's eye sockets are fitted with special eyecups that are often used in a funeral parlor.

However, it seems that the thought of an eyeless man was superimposed on this incident, and it was then that he took shape and became a vivid image in Taissa's mind.

Now, apparently, Taissa believes that death is not only painful and agonizing in itself, but that something terrible awaits a person after death, since it is this eyeless creature that takes a person to the afterlife and takes the eyes as payment.

We don't yet know what role the supernatural will play in the show, but Taissa vehemently denies any presence of the supernatural in her life.

Perhaps this is a defense mechanism, and if it stops working, then Taissa will have to admit that what she and her grandmother saw were not just visions caused by fear of death, but something tangible and therefore posing a real threat.

Here's what showrunner Jonathan Lisko had to say about show's main antagonist:

"The question of whether or not it is imposed by some dark force — and I'm not saying that's not possible — or whether or not it is alchemically generated by the proximity of these specific women together in the world, I think that's a really interesting question to continue to mine."

This leaves fans wondering just how real the eyeless man is and how much damage he will do to Taissa and her friends.

You can continue to follow the endless mysteries of Yellowjackets on April 9, when the third episode of the second season is released.