Yellowstone's Rip Draws Unlikely Parallel to The Hound in Game of Thrones

Yellowstone's Rip Draws Unlikely Parallel to The Hound in Game of Thrones
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It looks like two of the biggest family sagas in television history have more in common than previously thought.

Taylor Sheridan together with Paramount created something amazing back in 2018, inviting millions of viewers to witness the story of the Dutton dynasty, riddled with murder, corruption and greed. Kevin Costner excels in the lead role of John Dutton, the patriarch of a family of filthy rich ranchers.

While other actors like Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley also provide great performances for the show. But it seems that one actor's name isn't mentioned often enough in conversations about character development. Cole Hauser has been doing a great job as Rip Wheeler for five seasons in a row, and fans are just beginning to realize how great his character truly is.

Rip is undoubtedly a tragic character who experienced abuse as a child, which eventually made him who he is today – the man capable of heinous acts, but also loyal and loving to the people he considers his family.

Doesn't that remind you of someone?

Fans were quick to find a similarity between Rip and Game of Thrones ' Sandor Clegane, known as the Hound. Both went through a lot as kids, but what could have destroyed others, made these guys stronger. They are far from perfect but can be gentle, tragic but full of hope, and they undeniably deserve a better life.

Of course, not all fans agree with this comparison, arguing that the Hound is much more complex than Rip. Many describe Dutton's right-hand man as a static character who was incredibly interesting in the first two seasons but failed to develop in the latter. Clegane, on the other hand, is considered a textbook case of character development. He was at first hated by everyone, but then turned into a conflicted but beloved character that fans still remember today.

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Perhaps Sheridan will do something about this in future seasons of Yellowstone by allowing Rip to become a new person while retaining the charisma and personality that made people care about him.