5 Dumbest Things We Still Can't Believe Happened on Yellowstone

5 Dumbest Things We Still Can't Believe Happened on Yellowstone
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Yellowstone looks so good with its incredible scenery and talented cast that audiences tend to overlook some of the flaws of the popular TV series.

It's no secret that the new-age western hasn't always won over critics thanks to its absurd storylines and outlandish drama.

In fact, what is puzzling about Yellowstone is it features so much potential yet much of it's sometimes wasted on the bizarre decision-making of its main characters. Yes, it's true, the members of the Dutton family are far from perfect and that's kind of the point of the show. Then again, some of the decisions that Beth, Jamie, Monica, Kayce, and Rip have made leave audiences scratching their heads in befuddlement.

For this reason, we examine the 5 dumbest things fans still can't believe actually happened on Yellowstone:

#1 The Mysterious Disappearance of Sarah Nguyen

What exactly happened to Sarah Nguyen? If you recall, the journalist was infamously killed by Jamie Dutton after she threatens to expose the ranch in season two. Unfortunately, this incident appears to highlight the disgust fans have with Jamie's sporadic behavior. For starters, the character is smart and crafty yet is also terribly gullible and lacks self-esteem.

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Of course, it explains why the cover-up of the reporter was handled so badly. After all, it's been repeatedly brought up by Redditors that the explanation for this kayak accident makes no sense. Therefore, it remains beyond perplexing that authorities have yet to investigate this disappearance as a true crime.

#2 Beth Dutton's Rapid Recovery

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There is absolutely nothing that can destroy Beth Dutton, including a home explosion. It's true, the notoriously despised Dutton has demonstrated her resiliency through everything, including surviving serious burns.

During the season 3 finale, Beth lights up a smoke in defiance of overcoming the explosion. Yes, it makes for stylish television but fails to expand on how Beth managed to recover so quickly from a legitimate disaster.

In fact, it's never presented that Beth receives treatment or needs time to heal from the third-degree burns she apparently suffers from the incident. The scene only proves time and again that Beth is indestructible, even if most fans want her off the series.

#3 Monica's Death Wish

Okay, so Monica Dutton is not exactly appreciated on Yellowstone, either. It appears the disdain has only been growing since Monica made her most recent, fatal decision.

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During the season five premiere, a pregnant Monica gets into a car accident that leads to the miscarriage of her second child with Kayce. Sadly, many fans believe the collision with the buffalo was avoidable by simply seeking medical attention sooner in the day. Rather, Monica waits until the last moment and it ends up costing her dearly.

What's worse, a lot of people blame Monica for exposing Tate to even more trauma while ignoring Kayce's decision to send an ambulance.

#4 John's Role as Governor

The general consensus is that season 5 is the worst yet in terms of writing. While creator Taylor Sheridan may be directing his attention elsewhere these days (i.e. 1923), he really should focus more on the Yellowstone storyline.

John Dutton's role as governor has been completely misutilized, according to audiences. For starters, John's barely in the office and when he does make an appearance, it's making poor decisions like transforming the land into a conservation easement.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this move may ultimately bite John in the rear end as it's already been revealed that his own son – Jamie – plans to impeach him for abusing the powers of governor's office. We'll see if that only means more poor writing down the stretch of season five once it returns in summer 2023.

#5 Bomb on Plane

There is no doubt that the mysterious disappearance of a bomb placed on an airplane during a pivotal scene in season two of Yellowstone ranks among its most head-scratching moments.

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At the time of the episode, Kayce decides to take down the rival Beck brothers by planting a bomb on an airplane they are destined to board. However, the brothers never take flight as they are executed before they even set foot on the aircraft.

The missing detail hasn't been lost with fans on Reddit, who still frequently gripe about what happened to the plane with the bomb on it? Those familiar with the scene remember that the explosive was rigged to a timer, so why hasn't it gone off yet?

BONUS: The Forgotten Son

What happened to Lee Dutton? The sentiment has been echoed on forms like Reddit where people are still confused as to what happened to the oldest Dutton. If memory recalls, Lee was the heir-apparent to the Yellowstone Ranch prior to a gunfight that claimed his life.

And, while audiences already understand his outcome, what's more peculiar is that Lee is almost never mentioned by the other members of the family. Is there a reason for ignoring this sibling? According to Redditors, it's one of the many examples of poor writing which has plagued the show in recent memory.