You Definitely Didn't Know This About Moon Knight (Hint: Thor Wouldn't Like It)

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With 'Moon Knight' conquering the hearts of MCU fans as it's streaming on Disney Plus, people are already craving to see more of Marc Spector in other corners of the cinematic universe. But the comics fans are always one step ahead.

Thor may be the strongest Avenger. Well, what about those who are not Avengers, but… might actually be stronger?

Attentive fans have unveiled a fun fact about Moon Knight: it turns out that he is worthy. It's not just a compliment; it means that he is actually capable of controlling Thor's Mjolnir.

Wait, what?

Exactly. Comics reveal that Thor's sacred hammer is made of moon rock – and it would be weird if someone named Moon Knight and enjoying powers granted by a god of Moon would not be able to control it.

Yes, but do fans agree? Hell no.

Some people argue that it was just one lucky time for Moon Knight.

We still love them both, don't we? For those craving more OG Marvel superheroes, 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is coming to theaters in just several months; and those who would rather side with Moon Knight can have the time of their life following the adventures of Marc Spector/Steven Grant on Disney Plus.

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