You'll Be Surprised How Little Screen Time Bellatrix Had in Harry Potter Movies

You'll Be Surprised How Little Screen Time Bellatrix Had in Harry Potter Movies
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Voldemort's craziest and most unhinged Death Eater is one of the fan favorites in the Harry Potter fandom, despite the fact that she is a villain.

No matter how much you love the Golden Trio and their allies in the Harry Potter movies, few people can argue with the fact that the dark side of the movie franchise was no less charismatic.

When it comes to Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort's most loyal (and craziest) henchwoman, she was undoubtedly the star of the show every time she appeared on screen. From killing Sirius Black to torturing Hermione, Bellatrix nailed the darkest moments in the Harry Potter movies in a way that made her screen presence unmatched.

However, you may be surprised to learn that Helena Bonham Carter's actual screen time was much less than you probably imagined. It turns out that her unhinged character only had 10 minutes and 30 seconds of screen time in the entire movie franchise (including the part where Hermione pretended to be Bellatrix in Deathly Hallows Part 2).

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According to fans, this shows "how well Helena brought the character to life," as she is a "phenomenal actress."

"Honestly, my first thought is no way. But if so, that's really quite impressive to have such a huge impact with her role," Redditor Unlucky_Clover said.

Other Redditors noted that despite not having much screen time, Bellatrix dominated every minute she was onscreen.

"That does make a massive difference. Bellatrix only shows up when she's the star of the show, while someone like Neville is the background of a lot more shots where he isn't the focus," Redditor LordMarcel noted.

Many fans admitted that those 10 minutes and 30 seconds were the "best" minutes of screen time of their lives, even though they included Bellatrix killing several of the series' favorite characters, torturing Hermione, ransacking Hogwarts, and a lot of other messed up stuff.

But this is Helena Bonham Carter we're talking about, so it looks like a lot of Harry Potter fans would be cool with Bellatrix having even more screen time to destroy everything they love.