You'll Never Guess Henry Cavill's Dream Role He's 'Always Had a Soft Spot For'

You'll Never Guess Henry Cavill's Dream Role He's 'Always Had a Soft Spot For'
Image credit: Legion-Media

Henry Cavill’s played many various characters throughout his acting career and has always been vocal about the projects he wanted to join… But you won’t guess this one!

Typically, when a news piece starts with “Henry Cavill revealed who he wants to play,” you already know what’s going to come next. The actor’s famously in love with fantasy and sci-fi genres, and you kind of expect that he wants to join a new Game of Thrones spin-off or an upcoming Warhammer 40K movie or whatnot.

Thanks to Henry being a proud geek, no one is surprised by that kind of news. Another logical assumption is that Cavill wants to hop onto some new superspy franchise train as he’s already done a few and looks damn good in a suit and with a silenced pistol in his hand. Interest to spy movies, too, is kind of expected of him.

But the truth is, Henry Cavill’s true dream role has nothing to do with fantasy, sci-fi, spy action, or even superheroes. The actor has revealed the character he most wanted to play over a dozen years ago, and he’s still waiting for such an offer.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Alexander the Great. It’ll be years before anybody tries that again [after 2004’s Alexander starring Colin Farrell]... I’ll keep my legs in shape for when they do,” joked Cavill.

While a rather unexpected answer, the actor’s interest in Alexander the Great kind of checks out: one of the most famous historical figures in the entire world, Alexander was a brilliant conqueror and a wise ruler whose empire grew exponentially under the young prodigy’s government. His story is so close to being a fantasy, but it’s real!

Many fans agree that Henry Cavill would’ve been a phenomenal Alexander the Great thanks to his outstanding physical appearance, attractiveness, and unmatched talent for nuanced performances needed to portray the deep and complex historical figure such as the fabled ruler of the Macedonian Empire.

Admittedly, Cavill’s a bit too old now to play the young Alexander, but there’s no problem a little bit of quality CGI couldn’t fix — and for the peak Conqueror, Henry seems to be the perfect actor. We would totally throw our money at the local theater cashier the moment this movie premiers, so we can just hope it happens one say.

Source: StarTribune