"You're a Muggle, Harry": Biggest Deathly Hallows Overlook Makes No Sense

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Have you ever noticed that Harry Potter doesn't perform many magical feats in the final chapters of his adventure? It's almost like he forgets he's a wizard in the first place. But why?

The vast majority of The Deathly Hallows is dedicated to the Horcrux hunt with Harry, Ron, and Hermione travelling all around Britain searching for the remaining pieces of Lord Voldemort's soul to prepare for the final confrontation. The adventure they undertake leads them to many dangerous situations along the way, but…

But Harry, for some reason, rarely ever uses magic!

It's honestly phenomenal and can't be explained without diving behind the scenes (which we'll do in a minute): Harry is still the same person who perfected the Patronus charm on his third year at Hogwarts, taught dozens of students to defend themselves, and even became Dumbledore's partner in their riskiest journey!

And still, he doesn't even apparate without Hermione's help: for the entirety of The Deathly Hallows, it's her who performs the Apparition, dragging the boys along. Remember, in the previous book, Harry managed to perfectly apparate both himself and Professor Dumbledore hundreds of miles while being stressed and exhausted!

Harry, who was capable of learning new spells insanely quickly for the Triwizard Tournament and for his own pleasure (say, the Half-Blood Prince's curses), doesn't help Hermione set up their camp's defenses. He leaves anything and everything to her, much like Ron, and pretty much behaves like a Muggle the majority of time.

Borderline the only times when we see Harry perform magic are when he needs to cast some Unforgievables — and in the Battle of Hogwarts. For the Horcrux hunt, it seems like his ability to wield the wand is turned off, but why is that? There's no lore explanation for such a change, but there is likely a behind-the-scenes one.

J.K. Rowling mentioned a few times that at some point, it was becoming hard for her to balance the two major parts of Harry she wanted to maintain: he was both the heroic Chosen One and the average Joe. This why sometimes, we would watch the boy perform amazing feats while other times, he would become virtually useless.

If you're sad that there is no lore explanation for this phenomenon, don't you worry: this is the Wizarding World, and even if you don't see the reasoning now, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Perhaps, we'll return to you soon with an awesome new theory about Harry's sudden magical impotence, but for now, we only have JKR's words to take for it.