You Thought MCU Was Earth-616? Think Again, 'Ms. Marvel' Actress Hints

You Thought MCU Was Earth-616? Think Again, 'Ms. Marvel' Actress Hints
Image credit: Legion-Media

Do we have yet another multiverse possibility looming?

In 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness', we were given a pretty clear indication that the MCU appears to be Earth-616. Well, there is a certain someone who thinks the very opposite – Iman Vellani, the actress portraying Ms. Marvel.

During the 'Ms. Marvel' red carpet premiere, Vellani was pretty convincing when she said that we might want to rethink our views of Earth-616.

"No, I mean, I'd like to say, [the comics are] 616. I don't believe that the MCU is 616. As much as Kevin Feige can make us think that it's 616, it is 199999," Iman said.

It is understandable why she has that point: as a hardcore comic fan, Vellani believes that Earth 616 is a number representing the core reality of the Marvel Comics, and Earth-199999 is denoting the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, Kevin Feige made it pretty clear that the MCU is, in fact, Earth-616, when Christine Palmer articulated that in 'Multiverse of Madness'. So maybe Vellani just desperately wants things to be comic-accurate… or maybe she knows something we don't.

Many people are not ready to believe her, though.

"The argument of “it can’t be 616, the comics are 616”

Well then why is there a same character called Ironman that does the same things as the comic Ironman?... BY THIS LOGIC, we should call MCU Ironman by a different name." – @ReverseGoblin.

However, some Marvel fans are skeptical about the whole '616' thing, suspicious that all the buzz is "much ado about nothing".

"The MCU isn’t even close to adapting the 616, it’s just a lazy reference to keep fans arguing about nothing," – @DFEAZY.

There is still a chance that the multiversal enumeration will be addressed in 'Ms. Marvel', even though the show seems to be focused way more on Kamala Khan 's coming-of-age story and her journey as a young hero than on the issue of the alternate timelines.