You Will Not Believe What Made Louis Garrel Stress Out On Little Women Set

You Will Not Believe What Made Louis Garrel Stress Out On Little Women Set
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This goes to show how great the movie really is.

If some people still believed that actors had it all for little to no effort, then the ongoing strikes, which have revealed a lot of ugly production facts and daily struggles that actors face, should have made everyone realize that the job isn't as easy as it may seem. To get all the glamorous perks of celebrity life, actors have to put in immense amounts of hard work.

However, the problems that actors face on set are not always physical: sometimes mental blocks have just as much of an effect. Of course, night shifts, difficult stunts, a lot of time spent on hair and makeup, and learning so many lines that your head explodes is hard, but feeling like you're not enough can be even worse.

Especially when you're on set with so many talented actors at once. The struggles with self-esteem are what made Louis Garrel feel stressed about his participation in Greta Gerwig's production of Little Women.

The actor recalled those times in an interview with The Independent:

“I am the most anxious French guy you can meet. Believe me, I want to be more brave than I am. I am… what do you say? Effrayé they say in French… a scared guy. <...> I was super stressed because I knew that all of the actors in it were better than me. Obviously Florence [Pugh], Saoirse, Timothée [Chalamet],” Garrel said, paying respects to his co-stars.

What is true is that Greta Gerwig's set for this movie was packed with pure talent, with Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Streep and Bob Odenkirk among many others, including Louis Garrel himself. Being cast in a movie like this should have been a reassuring sign in itself, but sometimes it's impossible to reason with anxiety.

Fortunately, Garrel's performance was very well received, as was the film itself. With a budget of around $40 million, it managed to make $218 million at the box office and was a commercial success as well.

To remember Garrel's performance in Little Women, you can stream the movie on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.

Source: The Independent