You Won't Believe The Prop Dakota Johnson Took Home From Fifty Shades of Grey Set

You Won't Believe The Prop Dakota Johnson Took Home From Fifty Shades of Grey Set
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At least somebody could take something from the set apart from trauma.

It's not uncommon for actors to steal from the sets of projects they really enjoy working on. While some prop managers are more strict and some interesting things have to be smuggled out, others are more willing to give away the stuff they are less likely to use afterwards.

Usually, the props are taken to preserve some sweet memories of time spent on the set. However, that probably wasn't the case for Dakota Johnson. Although the Fifty Shades franchise brought the actress the fame and success she was always looking for, she admitted that the atmosphere on set wasn't the most positive most of the time.

However, the actress still decided to take something from the set. And her prop of choice was surprising to fans, to say the least. During Glamour's 2015 Twitter Q&A, Johnson shared a few little secrets about the stolen prop.

Turns out, the actress took some comfortable underwear and... a flogger. For those who don’t excel at BDSM terminology, a flogger is a type of a multi-tailed whip, usually made from the softer leather.

Don't rush to fantasize about any kinks the actress herself might be trying to hide, as in reality, her use for the flogger is less than sexual, if at all. Johnson revealed it immediately to avoid any sordid speculation.

“I do have a flogger in my house (it's in the garage with dust),” she clarified in Glamour Q&A on X (formerly Twitter).

Though there are many viewers that would hope to get a saucier answer to that, Dakota Johnson clearly avoids feeding into any fantasies like that. In reality, that is more than likely, that the flogger was taken from the set as some kind of a joke, and now it doesn’t really have a place anywhere but the garage.

If you want to freshen up your memory on how the said prop was actually used in the film by Dakota Johnson and her co-star Jamie Dornan, you can go ahead and watch both parts of Fifty Shades of Grey on Hulu or MAX.

Source: Glamour