‘Young Sheldon’ Showrunner Teases A Show-Shifting Twist In 100th Episode

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‘Young Sheldon’ is a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ prequel that takes the viewers back into the childhood of our beloved geek, Sheldon Cooper.

It seems that fans have to brace themselves for some “show-shifting” moments when ‘Young Sheldon’ returns from its hiatus on March 31.

“There’s definitely some big changes that come in that are going to take us through the rest of the season, some big reveals. Once you see it, it ends on a show-shifting moment [and] I’ll leave it at that,” showrunner Steve Molaro revealed to ET online.

Fans immediately started to brainstorm online.

Okay, that's dark (and kind of impossible, given that ‘Young Sheldon’ is a prequel).

It gets even darker.

And this one sounds like something Sheldon would do.

March 31 comeback will mark the 100th episode of ‘Young Sheldon’. The prequel was launched in 2017, two years before its parent show, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, was officially wrapped up.

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