Your Favorite Twilight Movie Was the Biggest Box Office Disappointment 

Your Favorite Twilight Movie Was the Biggest Box Office Disappointment 
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This is the case when box office statistics literally mean nothing.


  • While the first film in the Twilight franchise is considered the best, it grossed the least amount of money at $402 million, while one of the worst installments, Breaking Dawn Part 2, grossed $829 million.
  • In the first Twilight movie, Edward and Bella had not yet become completely flat characters, and the blue tones and scenes in the misty forest gave the movie a special atmosphere.
  • The first Twilight film is a perfect mix of genres – at first it is a romance with a fantasy twist, but in the end it turns into a thriller that never lets you get bored.

After the incredible success of J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series, authors around the world have been hoping to lure teen audiences into the world of literature.

In 2005, Stephenie Meyer blew up the book world with her Twilight series, not only reviving the sentimental teen novel genre, but also presenting the classic love triangle with a fantasy twist. Mayer's books quickly became bestsellers, and film adaptations were not long in coming.

By the time the first movie in the franchise began filming, the popularity of Meyer's books had skyrocketed. The author saw Henry Cavill in the role of Edward, but by the time filming began, the future Superman was a little old for a 17-year-old character.

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That’s when Robert Pattinson was chosen. Fans quickly embraced the pairing of Pattinson and Stewart, and Catherine Hardwicke's film is still considered the best part of the saga.

The First Twilight Movie Made the Least Money

Considering that the franchise was persistent in making the quality worse with each subsequent film, it seems even more unfair that the box office Dynamics were exactly the opposite.

The last one, Breaking Dawn Part 2, earned the most – $829 million, and the first installment, which already became a kind of cinema classic, earned twice less – $402 million.

Twilight Is a Romance and a Thriller at The Same Time

In the first movie the characters have not yet become flat versions of themselves, as will happen later. Kristen Stewart perfectly embodies the image of an unsociable teenager who secretly dreams of adventure and love.

What distinguishes her from the standard characters of romantic films is her courage: the girl tells people the truth and is ready to make sacrifices for the sake of her loved ones.

When the viewers get tired of the romance, the movie suddenly turns into a thriller – a vampire killer starts hunting Bella. He manipulates the girl's emotions to lure her into a trap and when the Cullens come to help, they act like predators and tear the enemy to pieces.

Twilight is The Perfect Movie for Fall Season

15 years after the release of Twilight, the movie is perhaps no less revisited than Harry Potter. But while it's nice to return to the adventures of a young wizard in winter, the first part of the vampire saga perfectly captures the mood of fall.

The atmosphere of a quiet rainy city is reflected in the blue colors, and the romantic scenes in the misty forest seem like a fairy tale.

It is also where the most important events of the movie take place, and where we hear phrases that have long since become memes: "You're like my own personal brand of heroin" and "Hold on tight, spider monkey."