Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Which Scream Movie Character You Are

Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Which Scream Movie Character You Are
Image credit: Legion-Media

The iconic slasher franchise has had its share of ups and downs, but one thing has always managed to keep it afloat – an abundance of great, believable characters. Even the killers in these films seem a bit relatable to some, with the first film's main villain, Billy Loomis, even becoming a perennial fan favorite.

Here's our take on which Scream character is your soulmate, based on the Zodiac signs:

After the release of "Scream VI" last year, we got a whole bunch of new and exciting characters, some of which proved to be perfect choices for some of the zodiac signs.

Without the latest installment in the franchise, this list would not have been as thorough, and it is a great shame that Pisces and Scorpios will not be able to follow the development of the characters closest to them in spirit – Sam and Tara Carpenter – as both Melissa Barerra and Jenna Ortega left the franchise before the release of the upcoming "Scream VII".

However, given the great writing of the last few installments, we are confident that the writers will nail the new characters and prompt us to adapt this list in the future with new characters taking over some of the zodiac signs.