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Very excited about MCU future, though still not over Endgame. Waiting for ST4 (I'm actually pretty OK with JJ reboot, so).

I'm FreightTrainInMyBrain on AO3/Tumblr/Discord (or you can find me on Twitter, lurking my way through everything that's trending rn), come say hi!

Should Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Be Made Into a Movie?
Eleven years have passed since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows brought the ultra-famous saga to an end on the big screen.
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Bridgerton's Diverse Casting is Not Enough: It's Still a Show About White Family After All
A few years ago, legendary showrunner Shonda Rhimes decided to produce a new show. It would be a period-specific, corsets-and-lace romance, but – get this – it would feature a diverse ensemble of characters, instead of the all-white casts that these productions have always depended on. Characters of colour would finally be given a gorgeously-costumed place in a soapy period romance. 
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After the revival movie Teen Wolf: The Movie was announced, many of us were wondering what the movie timeline would look like.
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