'Riverdale' Season 6 Character Screen Time Revealed, and It's Surprisingly Satisfying

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Who's up for some stats?

You may have any opinion about the final episode of 'Riverdale' season 6, but it seems to have done at least one thing right: evening out characters' screen time.

As calculated by a fan on Reddit, the most screen time naturally went to Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews – both have scored more than 210 minutes throughout the season 6.

But season 6 appeared to have done justice to other characters as well. For instance, the first season allowed someone who was not part of the core four to get more screen time than a cour four member. Cheryl Blossom, despite her stardom in the final episode, turned up sixth in this little top – for the first time in six seasons, making way for Jughead Jones who had 156 minutes of screen time compared to her 134.

Among the leaders are also Tabitha Tate with 196 minutes and Veronica Lodge with 182. It's remarkable for Tabitha in particular because she managed to secure a place in the middle of the series' all-time top despite only being present in two seasons. Her general screen time in 'Riverdale' is 300 minutes – with season 6 propelling her closer to the top. Some 'Riverdale' fans even couldn't believe that Tabitha has more screen time than Veronica, one of the main characters, who's been there right from the start.

The characters who have enjoyed the least screen time in season 6 are Nana Rose (25 minutes), Pop Tate (24), and Tom Keller (23). Besides, a brief glimpse into an alternate reality of "Rivervale" allowed several new characters – or, more precisely, their variants – to also jump into the competition. Among the most successful variants is Jughead with 60 minutes of screen time, as well as Betty (51 minutes), and Veronica (almost 50 minutes).

The competition is pretty close to an end, due to conclude after the seventh and final season of 'Riverdale' premiere. However, the exact date for season 7 remains unknown, with fans barely catching their breath after the action-packed season 6 finale that premiered on Sunday.

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