'The Boys' S3E7: Soldier Boy & Homelander Plot Twist Blew Everyone's Minds

'The Boys' S3E7:  Soldier Boy & Homelander Plot Twist Blew Everyone's Minds
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A 'Star Wars' parallel no one asked for, if we may.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys ' season 3 episode 7

It would seem that 'Herogasm' was only the beginning of 'The Boys' having its fans' jaws dropped. Premiering on Friday, episode 7 left people absolutely stunned by a new revelation: it turns out that Soldier Boy was Homelander's biological father all along.

Now the promotion of Soldier Boy as "Homelander before Homelander" makes much more sense. But this is also a major game-changer for the show that potentially has Soldier Boy switching sides… once again.

While the implications of the newly-unveiled family mystery remain to be seen in the season finale next week, fans try to wrap their minds around it online. Some of them, however, are celebrating because they called it long before the show made it official.

"I predicted the twist TO A TEE. But on a whim, bc of the conversation between Hughie & Soldier Boy about having kids of his own. And I just felt like a Batman / Terry McGinnis story going on there bc Homelander’s famously fatherless. I take full credit for my prediction LMFAO" – @NicholasPascar5.

Homelander might lament about being fatherless as long as he wants, but many fans believe that Soldier Boy is perhaps the least wanted father figure one could imagine.

"Homelander would have turned out so much worse if Soldier Boy had raised him." – @MattJohnNBA.

Soldier Boy became Homelander's father unwittingly, with the Vought using his genetic material to make a supe that would later replace him. This very supe turned out to be Homelander. After hearing this from Mindstorm, Soldier Boy is shocked and leaves the Boys questioning the future of their deal to kill Homelander – and, judging by the telephone call between the father and the son, Jensen Ackles ' character seems to be considering a change of heart.

Funnily enough, the show makes a major step away from the comic books by confirming that Homelander is Soldier Boy's son. In the comics, Homelander and Soldier Boy were not biologically related; instead they were in a sexual relationship. Well, it would be too soon to decide which type of relationship is better for these two.

'The Boys' season 3 wraps up with the eighth and final episode next Friday on Prime Video.