10 Best Chandler Episodes in Friends

10 Best Chandler Episodes in Friends
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Late Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing has always been a fan favorite in Friends. In these ten episodes, his witty humor shined the brightest.

10. S7E22: The One with Chandler's Dad

For all the poor handling of the Chandler’s Dad plotline, the episode where the two finally reconcile featured one of Chandler’s most heartwarming scenes. After hating Dad for many years, he finally met his parent to ensure they would be together at Chandler and Monica’s wedding. It was a beautiful and touching moment.

9. S4E8: The One with Chandler in a Box

Chandler and Joey’s unique friendship has always been the highlight of Friends, but even they could sometimes fall apart. When Chandler fell in love with Kathy, it took him an entire Thanksgiving day to mend the fences…by sitting in a box for many hours. This episode allowed Matthew Perry ’s comedy genius to shine in a new way.

8. S8E13: The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath

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Chandler and Monica’s relationship was one of the most unexpected yet popular plot twists in the show, and fans loved it. The beginning of their romance was especially hilarious — and the episode with the two trying to secretly have a good time in a bath with Joey lurking around was arguably the most memorable sequence of this arc.

7. S7E11: The One with All the Cheesecakes

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This episode saw Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston shine together in the most bizarre cheesecake-based plotline. As the two begin finding phenomenal cakes in front of their neighbor’s door, they just can’t stop stealing and eating them one after another — and the audience can’t stop laughing at Perry and Aniston’s chemistry.

6. S2E3: The One Where Heckles Dies

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Behind every chronic jokester, there’s a hidden stash of sadness and suffering, but we don’t get too many glimpses at Chandler’s. But the episode with Heckles’s death allows us to peek through Chandler’s funny disguise and see that he’s truly scared of being left alone and forgotten, just like his now-deceased elderly neighbor.

5. S4E15: The One with All the Rugby

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Before falling in love with Monica, Chandler was famously unlucky in his personal life. But even after the two friends got together, one of Chandler’s exes just kept resurfacing, and it was Janice. Their relationship was never healthy or stable but brought us one too many laughs, and this episode is the epitome of their chemistry.

4. S4E3: The One with the Cuffs

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As a result of Chandler’s questionable affair with Rachel’s boss, he once found himself handcuffed and left alone in her office — and then Rachel found him there, too. Their duo once again shone, and Matthew Perry proved himself brilliant with physical comedy by utilizing every inch of the confined space he was stuck in.

3. S3E11: The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister

Joey could forgive Chandler for anything but not for messing around with his sisters. When the former finds himself in a precarious position where he definitely messed around with one of the seven girls, it takes a lot of nerve out of him to figure out what happened — and how he could resolve this situation without losing his best friend.

2. S6E24-25: The One with the Proposal

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Chandler was always on the run from responsibilities; Monica always dreamed of having a wedding and a big loving family. When the two started dating, their differences were often a point of struggle, but in the end, Chandler changed his ways and proposed to Monica in one of the most heartwarming scenes in Friends, ever.

1. S7E23-24: The One with Chandler and Monica's Wedding

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Of course, the greatest Chandler episode in Friends is the most important for him as a character: his wedding with Monica. The sheer amount of comedy and drama per square foot in The One with Chandler and Monica's Wedding is amazing, and Matthew Perry gets to flex his character’s insecurity muscle one last time before becoming a loving husband with a brilliant wife.