10 Best Erotic TV Shows If 50 Shades of Grey Was Too Tame

10 Best Erotic TV Shows If 50 Shades of Grey Was Too Tame
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These shows can even be a little bit shocking with their adult content.

Most of the shows on this list are rated R for a reason. Some of them straddle the line between erotica and soft porn and can be embarrassing even for adults.

So you might want to watch them either alone or with someone who doesn't blush at intimate moments on screen.

1. Mrs. Fletcher

Eve Fletcher is in her 40s, long divorced, and working in a nursing home. When her only son leaves for college, Eve just doesn’t know what she has to do now. Unfortunately (actually, no, fortunately), she decides to look up the meaning of the word she heard from her son's classmates – MILF.

After looking at the search results, Eve already knows exactly how to spend her free time – getting to know herself, her body and her sexuality.

2. The Deuce

Not only does this show talk about prostitution and perversion in an easy and relaxed way, but each episode contains erotic scenes, sometimes surprisingly detailed.

The author of the story is the creator of the cult project The Wire, David Simon, and he doesn’t glorify the porn industry, but portrays this business as realistically as possible, showing how big its power is.

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3. Girls

This show can with no doubt be called the successor of Sex and the City. Despite the fact that the author and star of this series, Lena Dunham, calls her project a comedy, it is actually not. It is a story about four girlfriends in their early 20s. Each of them is going through difficult times: no apartment, no job, no love.

The show doesn’t hesitate to show everything as it really is. If it's sex, it's in the most uncomfortable and strange positions; if it's drugs, there are consequences; if it's pregnancy, it's not a fact that it will be a happy one.

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4. The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is an adaptation of Steven Soderbergh's movie of the same name, starring porn actress Sasha Grey. But if the feature-length movie is all about money, the TV version, while not shying away from the subject of colossal paychecks, focuses more on emotion and sex.

The result is a provocative and breathtaking revelation from the world of elite escorts.

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5. Secret Diary of a Call Girl

The show is based on a diary and series of books written by Brooke Magnanti, who published her work under the pseudonym Belle de Jour. Brooke shared her experience of working part-time for a London escort agency.

Although the TV show premiered in 2007, it was not until two years later that Brooke published her confession in the pages of The Sunday Times. The plot centers on Hannah Baxter, who works as an elite prostitute.

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6. True Blood

The deeply erotic story of vampires described in the show will make you forget the Twilight saga.

The main character, Sookie Stackhouse, meets the vampire Bill Compton. But this is only the beginning of the story, which is a kind of tribute to the classics, but the further story of True Blood will definitely surprise you.

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7. The L Word

In an ever-changing reality, The L Word may seem a bit dated, but at the time of its release, it was truly revolutionary.

Of course, gays and lesbians have appeared on television before, but The L Word has always positioned itself as a show about queer people and for queer people. Over time, it has become a kind of safe space for LGBTQ+ people looking for worthy role models.

8. The Tudors

Before she made half of Game of Thrones fans fall in love with her, Natalie Dormer broke the hearts of The Tudors fans. Known for his sexual temperament and extremely hot temper, Henry VIII not only changed his favorites, but also his own wives.

The Tudors is perfect for those who love pompous costume dramas, passionate erotic scenes and are not afraid of occasional nudity.

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9. P-Valley

This is not just the story of the club, it is the story of sex, trauma and ambition. P-Valley is a frank look behind the scenes of the stripping and its workers. The fact that the list of directors is all female explains why all the episodes are directed with empathy and sensitivity.

Stripping here is not a dance of lust, but a real physical performance that requires exhausting training. Strippers are not beautiful dummies, but deep personalities who due to various circumstances are forced to expose themselves in order to entertain wealthy clients.

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10. Californication

You knew it would be here, because without this show the list would be just incomplete. Californication is a case of art imitating life, not the other way around. David Duchovny himself, like his character, suffered from a lifelong sex addiction and even underwent a special rehabilitation course (that did not really help him).

The show is full of intimate scenes with full female and male nudity. Sex between characters is usually depicted realistically, while the writers deliberately leave out some too explicit details.