10 Best Hospital Shows Ever, Ranked By Fans (& Where To Watch Them)

10 Best Hospital Shows Ever, Ranked By Fans (& Where To Watch Them)
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Hospitals are a world of their own, and these ten shows are the best windows into it.

10. Code Black (2015–2018)

Code Black takes you straight to the more stressful room of any hospital: the reanimation, or the emergency room. Understaffed and overcrowded, the staff of the L.A. County Hospital does its best to save the patients under the extreme time constraints and immense pressure that comes with taking on this job.

You can stream Code Black on Prime Video.

9. Chicago Med ( 2015–Now)

Part of Dick Wolf’s One Chicago universe, Chicago Med follows the lives and professional struggles of the most skilled medical personnel in the Windy City. Apart from being a top-notch hospital show, this one’s also a treat for fans of other Wolf’s shows as Chicago Med often does crossover episodes with Fire or PD.

You can stream Chicago Med on Peacock, Prime Video, Apple TV, and NBC.

8. M*A*S*H (1972–1983)

Now, this is not your ordinary hospital by any means: MASH follows a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the Korean War. The doctors are forced to endure the hardships and brutalities of war every day, and it greatly messes with their psyche. To lighten up the mood and somewhat alleviate the tension, they indulge in goofy activities as much as possible.

You can stream M*A*S*H on Hulu, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.

7. The Resident (2018–2023)

A young intern joins the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital to serve under his brilliant mentor. Despite being a textbook idealistic youth at first, he can’t ignore the reality for long as the insufferable bureaucratic practices he has to deal with opens his eyes to the reality of the healthcare system. Despite that, he fights for his dream.

You can stream The Resident on Hulu, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.

6. Scrubs (2001–2010)

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Two young interns join the Sacred Heart Hospital without having any idea how the industry works and immediately get dragged into the epicenter of the hospital’s intrigues and complicated internal relationships. Over the next few years, they’ll be learning the truths about life, love, and medicine from their none-the-wiser colleagues.

You can stream Scrubs on Hulu, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.

5. New Amsterdam (2008–2023)

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By taking a peek into the life of the New Amsterdam Hospital, you have a unique chance to see its insides from a different perspective — that of its new Medical Director. The highly-skilled professional got deployed into the US’s oldest hospital to put things in order, but despite his resume, the staff isn’t willing to collaborate.

You can stream New Amsterdam on Netflix, Apple TV, Prime Video, and NBC.

4. ER (1994–2009)

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Perhaps the most classic hospital show, ER follows the lives of Chicago's County General Hospital ’s doctors and staff as they selflessly give their all for their job, save people, get caught up in their interpersonal dramas, and just try to do their best. The golden classic of the genre, ER is a must-watch for all hospital procedural enjoyers.

You can stream ER on Hulu, Prime Video, and Max.

3. The Good Doctor (2017–Now)

Being a young medical prodigy who just got accepted into the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital sounds like a dream come true, but for The Good Doctor’s protagonist, not so much. Due to his autism and Savant syndrome, he’s brilliant at his craft, but human communication is his tough spot, and it makes job almost insufferable for the genius as he tries to understand people.

You can stream The Good Doctor on Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, Prime Video, and ABC.

2. Grey's Anatomy (2005–Now)

One of the most notoriously (and unnecessarily) long hospital TV shows ever, Grey’s Anatomy has all the ingredients for a proper medical procedural: compelling characters, high-stake conflicts, and the combination of light-hearted and dramatic moments. At least the earlier seasons are the pinnacle of the genre in many ways.

You can stream Grey's Anatomy on Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and ABC.

1. House (2004–2012)

Dr. House is the most brilliant diagnostic professional his colleagues have ever had the honor to meet — but at the same time, he’s an insufferable antisocial pain in everyone’s bottom. House doesn’t care for others’ feelings but deeply loves his job, so when he gets several interns appointed to him, they’re in for quite a journey.

You can stream House on Hulu and Prime Video.