10 Best TV Shows About Military, Ranked 

10 Best TV Shows About Military, Ranked 
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If you are ready to dig deeper into the world of brutality.

What should a military show have in order to be considered the best? And is it even ethical to rank shows with such a serious premise? Well, we think that the main idea of shows that depict war is to let more and more people know the horrors that mankind had to go through in order not to repeat them today.

There are many military shows that focus on different aspects of war, providing viewers with different compelling storylines that make us think more about the times in which we live.

Here are ten perfect shows for those who love military series for the atmosphere they create.

10. The Last Ship (2014-2018)

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The series is actually unique because it has surprisingly well-combined elements of different genres like science fiction, mystery, war and action in a single work. The show tells a gut-wrenching story about a world that has lost more than 80 percent of its population to a deadly virus, and there's only one crew of 218 soldiers capable of saving it.

9. The Brave (2017-2018)

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An example of the most exciting thrilling shows, this one revolves around a highly skilled team, including Patricia Campbell and her team of analysts, as well as Captain Adam Dalton, as they try their best to rescue a kidnapped doctor.

The focus of the show is on the actual techniques the military people use to achieve their goals and save innocent people. And the amazing chemistry between the cast makes the show worth watching.

8. The Terminal List (2022-)

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One of the latest projects starring Chris Pratt has received some controversial reviews, but that doesn't stop us from recommending it. The atmosphere of the show is quite intense as it tells the story of a former Navy SEAL officer and tackles grim but authentic issues of combat trauma. You can now watch season 1 on Prime Video and wait for season 2 to be released soon.

7. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018-)

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The series, also known by the simpler name of Jack Ryan, is one of the most popular of the genre today. The main character is portrayed by John Krasinski as he plays the role of the CIA analyst who was forced to leave his workplace and join the battlefield. Each season of the show puts him under different attacks, which Jack manages to overcome with the help of his close associates.

6. Tour of Duty (1987-1990)

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We are not exaggerating when we say that this series had a huge impact on audiences when it first aired. In 1988, the show even won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series. The story centers on a group of American infantry combat troops on a tour of duty during the Vietnam War. Tour Of Duty has also been praised for its authentic portrayal of the events of the war.

5. The Unit (2006-2009)

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One of the longest-running military shows ever created, The Unit grabbed viewers' attention in its first episode and held it until episode 70. The show's primary purpose was to provide an unprecedented look into the top-secret world of a secret Special Forces unit. There are also some social subjects tackled in the series, as the writers also explore the issues of the personal lives of military men.

4. The Pacific (2010)

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The show gives the audience a brutal portrayal of World War II. It mainly focuses on the psychological aspects that the war makes people suffer from, showing it from the perspective of a particular team of U.S. Marines. The show is really hard to watch because it doesn't use masks to hide the real horrors that took place during the war, and that's why the authentic images just keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

3. Generation Kill (2008)

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Another highly recommended show for its remarkably accurate portrayal of all the details during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. What fans liked most about the series was once again the authenticity with which the cast portrayed the characters of the time. They all got so deep into the Marines' characters that it felt very realistic. Critics also noted the show's well-written storyline.

2. M*A*S*H (1972-1983)

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The iconic series that ran for 11 seasons and had a huge worldwide following. The unique example of a military show that amazingly mixed dramatic and brutal war scenes with some comedy to give the fans a chance to breathe while watching the show. The series is set during the Korean War and deals with the ethics and difficulties of the time.

1. Band of Brothers (2001)

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This 22-year-old show is considered the best in the genre, and there are many reasons for that. For starters, authenticity: the series is famous for its realistic portrayal of the time around and during World War II. The show's producers, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, made sure that the show had a strong narrative and compelling characters, portrayed by the right choice of actors.