10 Celebs Who Had Their First Kiss on Screen Before Real Life

10 Celebs Who Had Their First Kiss on Screen Before Real Life
Image credit: Legion-Media

Experiencing a first kiss is certainly one of the most important moments in the lives of teenagers, something that will be remembered and cherished for the rest of their adult lives.

However, some of the actors didn't have the opportunity to choose the person and the time for their first kiss, as the directors basically forced them to kiss someone on camera, stripping them of their innocence in front of millions of people.

Of course, the idea of having your first kiss filmed on camera might sound a little weird to most people, but the actors and actresses in question usually didn't mind at all because the scripts they agreed to had the scenes well in advance.

That doesn't mean that some of the stars didn't have problems after kissing on camera - they were basically denied a basic human right because of the movie, and that's something you have to live with for a long time.

Obviously, 11-year-old Kirsten Dunst kissing 30-year-old Brad Pitt is just gross, and even if it was just a little smooch, the idea itself sounds creepy and weird, and fans are wondering why director Neil Jordan didn't just cut the whole scene. It would have made the whole movie easier to watch, don't you think?