10 Classic Movies From the 1970s That Still Hold Up in 2024

10 Classic Movies From the 1970s That Still Hold Up in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

Some movies stay relevant for decades, and for different reasons: there are cult classics, there are those that deal with topics that never lost their popularity, and there are just simply good movies from the artistic point of view.

These movies from the 70s are the ones that changed the game — and the ones that you're obliged to know.

The 70s were a wild time in cinematography: the old laws were abolished, creativity flourished, technologies skyrocketed, and allowed viewers to enjoy the movies in a way that wasn't possible before.

The world was shaken by wars and crises, and as always, art came to the rescue and allowed all creatives to pour their emotions into their preferred mediums.

Cinema thrived in the 70s and brought us things that would still be the staples of general pop culture even half a century later because they showed us different ways to explore some of the existing genres and even defined some of the new ones, opening more doors to the new names and making the movies one of the main sources of entertainment for the general public.

This decade solidified the term "blockbuster" as we know it now, just trust us.