10 Comedy Gold Memes From Rings of Power S2 Trailer Comment Section

10 Comedy Gold Memes From Rings of Power S2 Trailer Comment Section
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros.

It will be a great laugh, if not a great story.

Even if some people are so hurt by the first season of Rings of Power that they are unlikely to come back for the second, even if it is much better, there is one reason to at least watch the trailer: the memes.

As the Internet learned a while ago, the best trauma response is humor, so no matter how good or bad the second season is going to be, the fans of the universe are ready to greet it with big smiles on their faces.

“Who knew that the origin of Elves growing long hair actually started with Sauron and his wig!” – @ravenlord4

As we all learned from the first season of Rings of Powers, Amazon Prime Video has its own take on J.R.R. Tolkien's lore. Sometimes it's downright wrong, but in this case, we might even get behind it!

“"I think he has been here all along"
Maybe the real Sauron are the friends we made along the way?” – @CATDHD

First of all, it's not even a joke, it's a very real observation. And second, it's time to stop giving the writers free rein with the dialogue if you don't want the third season to end up being one giant meme.

“Y'all better apologize to Clark Kent's disguise right TF now” –

Many people were rightly skeptical of Clark Kent's disguise, since he relied heavily on people not recognizing him when he wore glasses. Considering that Sauron was hoping to do the same thing with a wig, they must be equally as bad at it.

“Remember folks, the budget was 1 billion dollars, the wigs are impressive for a reason.” – @AriSuper0001

One thing that always makes viewers laugh is the supposed budget of the show. Unfortunately for Prime Video, the show is their most expensive flop yet, so all the jokes about the money spent on a bunch of wigs probably hit close to home. The only hope is that the show redeems itself in season 2.

““Sauron did you put your rings into the fires of Mt Doom?!?!?” Gandalf asked calmly” – @DarthZovan

Harry Potter ’s most notorious scene that illustrated just how far the movies were from the books fits here perfectly, according to Tolkien fans who believe that Rings of Power is an insult to the author’s works.

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“Halbrand: I don't wear half my wigs half as much as I would like, and I wear less than half my wigs half as much as they deserve.” – @user-tf7sz3hw7o

The iconic Bilbo line from The Fellowship of the Ring just took on new meaning thanks to Sauron's many disguises. We just hope he gets to show off at least a few more, considering how well he fools everyone around him.

“Season 3: Sauron disguises himself as a dwarf by keeping his height and wearing a cheap Santa beard. And he will have been mining with the dwarves for years.” – @SusanBolding

As we said, we don't want to give the writers and costume department of the Rings of Power production any ideas. We're all familiar with Sauron's game now and know that nothing is impossible for him to disguise, but think of the poor dwarves!

“Ah yes, nothing ushers me into the world of Middle Earth more than distorted electronic music” – @Sam-cv6un

To be fair, Middle Earth raves must hit differently. Electronic music in the trailer may just be an easter egg to Sauron throwing on some shades and getting behind the DJ deck as part of his next stunning disguise.

“I actually really respect Amazon Prime for this.
There are very few companies that would be willing to lose this much money just to insult Tolkien.
I don't know what he did to Amazon, but that's some dedicated revenge.” – @Angel_Dust_Official

While we still want to believe that the show was made in good faith and intended as a celebration of Tolkien, sometimes it's a story too hard to believe. Maybe revenge makes more sense when you look at how more than half of the show's characters have been treated so far.

“What impress me the most about this trailer,..
they haven't turned the comments section off.” – @D3ST72

To be honest, we are surprised as well. But that means two great things: Prime Video is ready to hear everyone's feedback, and fans now have a place to show off their best Rings of Power memes. It's a win-win situation if ever we saw one.