10 Comedy Movie Flops of the 2000s That Are Painful to Watch

10 Comedy Movie Flops of the 2000s That Are Painful to Watch
Image credit: Legion-Media

We're really glad that our vocabularies have now adopted the word 'cringe' because it perfectly explains the emotion that we feel when we encounter these 11 comedies from the 2000s.

The humor in these not only didn't age well but it didn't work at the time of the release, making the movies flop horrendously. We're glad for that, though.

The comedy genre thrived at the beginning of the 2000s, but for every good movie that stayed in our hearts and solidified its presence in pop culture, there were a bunch of works that probably shouldn't have been made at all.

They were so bad that even back then you were watching them through the slits between your fingers as you were covering your face with your palm because witnessing whatever was happening on the screen with unobstructed vision was purely impossible.

The writing just didn't work — and it still doesn't, none of these amassed a cult following, thankfully. These are just bad movies that didn't cater to anyone. We're especially bitter about Evan Almighty, as it also falls into the category of "sequels no one needed but they were released as cash grabs" aside from just being extremely, offensively unfunny.