10 Comfort Rom-Coms If You Feel Lonely After Christmas Holidays

10 Comfort Rom-Coms If You Feel Lonely After Christmas Holidays
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These movies will bring romantic vibes even to those who are lonely.

Romantic comedies have given us so many beloved moments and quotes that have become iconic. These movies are timeless classics, perfect cure for a bad mood, and a great option to watch with friends (or alone).

1. The Hating Game, 2021

When the small publishing house where Lucy worked was acquired by the huge soulless corporation where Josh works, the two became seemingly irreconcilable enemies. Lucy sees Josh as a control freak. On top of that, he is standing in her way for a promotion, since they are both vying for the same position after the merger.

But Josh is unwilling to surrender his cherished position to the ambitious Lucy. Every day, their unspoken confrontation threatens to cross the boundaries of work ethics, but unexpectedly leads to a passionate kiss in an elevator.

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003

Andie, a journalist for a glossy magazine, gets an assignment from the editor-in-chief: write an article about how to get rid of a man in 10 days. Almost immediately, the right man appears: he turns out to be a young advertising executive, Ben.

Andie is doing everything she can to make the guy hate her, but Ben does not even seem to notice that at all. The fact is that the day before he made a bet with the boss that he could make any girl fall in love with him. And an important contract for Ben depends on it.

A rom-com with Matthew McConaughey from the era when the actor was the king of the genre. This time he was partnered with Kate Hudson, and their duo turned out to be one of the most charismatic and charming romantic couples to grace the screen.

3. The Wedding Planner, 2001

Wedding planner Mary has it all: brains, beauty, and a brilliant career. Only one thing is missing – a man to love. One day, someone she has always dreamed of comes into her life. Steve is handsome, and he saved her life. But he is the groom in the wedding Mary must organize.

The girl understands that she cannot interfere with the most important event in the couple's lives. Besides, Steve's fiancée comes from a very rich family, and this contract should help Mary get a long-awaited promotion.

Another romance with Matthew McConaughey; this time more naive, but no less charming.

4. He’s Just Not That Into You, 2009

Several Baltimore residents are trying to deal with problems in their personal lives. One of the girls never gets calls from men after a date, another is upset that her boyfriend is in no hurry to give up his bachelor status. And the third woman suspects her husband of secretly smoking, when in fact he is hiding something worse from his wife.

The movie is based on the book of the same name by two Sex and the City screenwriters. It reveals the hard truth about reading men's intentions. According to the authors, if a guy does not take the initiative in meeting a girl, he is not interested in her. And there is nothing worse than falling in love with a person who has given no reason for it.

5. Destination Wedding, 2018

The rom-com immediately attracts fans of the genre with the names of the leading actors. Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves ( even though the latter has long lost interest in this genre) make a wonderful duet.

Frank and Lindsay meet on their way to the small town, where their friends' wedding is to take place. They immediately begin to hate each other, but constant encounters along the way eventually reconcile them. From complete strangers to passionate lovers, Frank and Lindsay must navigate a long and difficult journey through long conversations, humor, and mutual understanding.

6. The Ugly Truth, 2009

Lonely Abby, a TV show producer, gets a new subordinate – cynical misogynist Mike. Mike, a self-proclaimed relationship expert, knows exactly what men want and agrees to arrange a relationship between Abby and her new neighbor, the young and handsome doctor Colin.

The duo of Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler may not seem very charming at first, but you'll want to follow their relationship dynamics from their very first scene together.

7. The Holiday, 2006

Iris lives in England, works as an editor and is a romantic at heart, while Amanda from the US is a careerist who cannot even shed a tear. But the two women have something in common: they are both unlucky in love.

After meeting on the Internet, the two women decide to swap places temporarily in order to take a break from their troubles. Amanda has to spend two weeks in the English countryside. There she meets Iris's charming brother, Graham.

Meanwhile, Iris moves into Amanda's luxurious home in California. There she meets the composer Miles, a man whose personal life is also not running smoothly, and the forgotten Hollywood screenwriter Arthur.

8. My Best Friend’s Girl, 2008

Tank makes his living by dating girls who have recently broken up with their boyfriends. He sets them up on such ugly dates that the girls decide to go back to their ex-boyfriends, who, by the way, pay Tank for the dates. Business is good until Tank's neighbor, Dustin, asks him to help him with Alexis, who Tank is hopelessly in love with.

Another romantic comedy with Kate Hudson, but this time not with Matthew McConaughey, but with Dane Cook.

9. What Women Want, 2000

Nick is a charming womanizer who has no respect for women. He works in one of the best advertising agencies and is waiting for a promotion. To his outrage, the position he was counting on goes to Darcy Maguire.

But one day Nick is given an amazing gift – the ability to hear women's thoughts. He decides to use this ability to steal Darcy's ideas and get her fired.

Nancy Meyers' movie, like her other hit, Pretty Woman, seems dated and stereotypical these days. But the dialog still makes you laugh, and the commercial that Nick and Darcy are working on still looks quite progressive.

10. Runaway Bride, 1999

Journalist Ike gets his hands on a promising story about Maggie, a bride who keeps running away from weddings. He writes an article, but after the girl's angry message to the editor, he gets fired. Then Ike decides to try to catch Maggie on her next escape and restore his reputation.

Garry Marshall's film with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere began development before Pretty Woman, and was created by the same trio – the director and the two leads. However, almost 10 years passed between the release of the two films.

Runaway Bride did not achieve the same box office success as Pretty Woman, but the movie has just as much romance and humor.