10 Great Harry Potter Moments That Were Totally Improvised

10 Great Harry Potter Moments That Were Totally Improvised
Image credit: Legion-Media

Never underestimate the power of improvisation in the hands of a seasoned or at least a very talented performer.

For a series of movies that have been based on a book that's been quite carefully adapted into a screenplay, Harry Potter features quite a lot of unscripted moments — and some of them are pure gold.

Ad-libs and improvisations make the story feel a bit more real because other actors interacting with the one going against the script show their genuine emotional reactions and not the ones that they're supposed to.

The awkward laugh feels rightfully weird, the emotional pain seems more piercing, and the surprise appears more prominently.

A lot of unscripted moments happened in the early movies and were centered around the main trio, which only proves how talented these kids were even back then, capable of properly feeling the story and moving it in the right direction even if it's not written in their scripts.

As the story progresses, though, the improvisation becomes more deliberate, as David Yates builds trust with the actors and wants to evoke more emotions from the viewers by letting the cast do what they believe is right. And that was the right choice.