10 K-Dramas Featuring Breakups To Help You Move On

10 K-Dramas Featuring Breakups To Help You Move On
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It's easier to follow someone's footsteps than to invent the wheel.

South Korean dramas have become extremely popular in recent years. It seems that there is no genre that the industry hasn't covered with its brilliant and rather unique shows. There are K-dramas for every taste. Are you a science fiction fan? Here's one for you. Consider yourself a romance lover? Take a look at these series.

Actually, let's stop for a moment and talk about romance shows. There are many different ways a romance story can be told, but this time we decided to take a closer look at those that feature a couple breaking up.

These ten K-dramas will help you overcome your own breakup story and have faith in love again.

1. Hello, My Twenties! (2016-2017)

Will start the list not with a total tearjerker, but with a K-drama that will make you believe in womanhood and that everything is possible to overcome if you have the right people around you. The show follows five girls who move in together and become each other's best friends.

There are several breakups in the story that, if it weren't for the amazing support the girls give each other, would have turned their twenties into one big heartbreak once and for all.

2. Yumi’s Cells (2021)

The premise of this series is not typical for K-dramas, so it attracted a lot of viewers and ended up being a hit with the audience. The female lead, Kim Yumi, falls in love with a man with communication problems, and their slow-burning romance is shown from her perspective.

When the romance collapses and they take a break, it is beautifully shown that self-discovery is an important thing every person has to go through to end up in a healthy relationship.

3. Lovestruck in the City (2020)

Another unique format, K-drama follows a deep story of how heartbreak can change a person. At the center of this series is a young man named Jae-won who falls in love with a beautiful woman named Eun-o while on vacation. The two spend time together, but when the vacation ends, she disappears and it turns out that she even gave the man a false name.

Deeply hurt, the man is offended and angry at the whole world. But life brings them together again, either to test his feelings or to teach him a lesson. Now it's his choice how to react...

4. Our Beloved Summer (2021)

The main reason why the series was so popular worldwide upon its release is the fact that it stars Choi Woo-sik and Kim Dam-i from the hit movie Parasite. But another reason is the fact that the K-drama deals with a serious topic: how to deal with a breakup when it was so painful that you promised to never meet again.

But when fate brings you back together with your ex in front of the whole world, would you find enough strength to resist those complicated feelings?

5. Nevertheless (2021)

This K-drama brought different feelings in the audience. At the center of the series there's a complicated topic that follows the phenomenon naturally invented in the dating area: the toxicity of a situationship.

After being dumped and publicly humiliated in front of the entire art school, Yoo Na-bi ends up in an on-again off-again relationship with a fellow art student. However, their relationship is far from perfect and shows the viewers exactly what not to do after a painful breakup.

6. The Red Sleeve (2021-2022)

The Red Sleeve" is certainly a show that will make you shed a few tears during its course. Lee Jun-ho portrays the historical figure, King Jeongjo, when he was simply known as Yi San as a young man. He falls in love with a young woman, who unfortunately for him denies the attraction she feels towards him…

“It’s a stunning show with amazing characters and I 100% recommend it but not if you’re looking for a feel good show. This is not a light hearted comedy. It's full of angst and turmoil and heartbreak,” Redditor EnvironmentalGuava31 said.

7. Emergency Couple (2014)

This K-drama begins with a breakup. The two main characters got married when they were too young and did it mostly out of spite because their families were against them being together. But instead of living happily ever after, they both ended up with broken hearts.

The good thing about the show is that it teaches that the mistakes are okay and that a breakup can be a good thing for you, even if you feel a lot of pain at first.

8. Because This Is My First Life (2017)

This K-drama actually begins by showing marriage as a tool to overcome financial problems and make life easier for several people at once. When a man and a woman decide to get married and live as roommates, it can lead to several outcomes.

The one for our main characters was to slowly fall in love with each other, but the road to a happy real-life marriage will be bumpy for them.

9. My Mister (2018)

Be prepared, My Mister is a real tear-jerker. Lee Sun-kyun and Lee Ji-eun play two co-workers in this K-drama who have never taken part in each other’s lives before. Both of them were unhappy in their personal lives, but once they started talking about their problems with each other, it seems like their lives became easier.

Because they've been heartbroken so many times, it's difficult for them to trust another person again, but overcoming these fears will ensure their future happiness.

10. Cheese in the Trap (2016)

The K-drama is about two students, a girl named Hong-seol, who is on a scholarship and comes from a poor family, and a wealthy heir named Yoo-jung. However, she is forced to make difficult decisions when she realizes that her boyfriend is a bad person.

The importance of choosing your comfort and not being afraid of losing unworthy people is what you can learn from this series.