10 Lesser-Known Sci-Fi Movies Barely Anyone Remembers

10 Lesser-Known Sci-Fi Movies Barely Anyone Remembers
Image credit: Legion-Media

Sometimes, low box office figures do not mean that a film is not worth seeing.

For every blockbuster hit like "Interstellar" that has everyone talking, there's a hidden gem of a sci-fi movie that's been tucked away in the shadows, overlooked and barely whispered about, even though it's not lacking in imagination or the power to transport you to another world.

These 10 sci-fi flicks might not have had the heavy-hitting directors or the eye-popping budgets, but that doesn't mean they're lacking in the kind of storytelling that leaves you thinking long after the credits roll.

They're the kind of movies that slipped through the cracks of mainstream success, maybe because they were a bit too quirky, a tad too bold, or just released at the wrong time, but these films have their own unique flavors of sci-fi wonder, offering up stories and universes that stick in your mind in a way the big blockbusters might not.

So while they might not have made waves at the box office or sparked endless fan theories, these lesser-known sci-fi films are a reminder that sometimes the most memorable movie experiences are the ones you find off the beaten path, waiting quietly in the vast universe of cinema to be discovered.