10 Lowest-Rated Netflix Movies on Rotten Tomatoes Actually Worth Watching

10 Lowest-Rated Netflix Movies on Rotten Tomatoes Actually Worth Watching
Image credit: Netflix

Sometimes people are just wrong. Sometimes people become too occupied with the stereotypes that they abandon critical thinking and stick to their presumptions.

That's what happened with these Netflix original movies: their low ratings are not really that well justified, and they deserve your attention despite the bad numbers on Tomatometer.

There are multiple reasons as to why these Netflix originals didn't do that well, but mostly they are rooted in the wrong expectations. Who would've thought that a teen romance dramedy is gonna be filled with cliches? Who would've thought that a movie that mixes horror and comedy would have twists and laughs?

Sometimes, we forget that Netflix doesn't have to always produce Oscar-worthy things: it's essentially a modern version of a direct-to-video release, one that was reserved for B-movies that never tried to be something more, something original or groundbreaking.

The movies in this list are exactly like that: they're purely entertaining, and although some of them overcomplicate things or, on the contrary, oversimplify them, everything happens in the margins of the genres that these movies fit in. You get exactly what has been promised to you, with an addition of a fun cast and, maybe, some hooks.

Here are all the films mentioned here: Ghost Lab (2021), Secret Obsession (2019), Brain on Fire (2016), We Have a Ghost (2023), The Kissing Booth ( 2018), The Cloverfield Paradox (2018), Rattlesnake (2019), The Last Thing He Wanted (2020), The Discovery (2017), In the Tall Grass (2019).