10 Medical K-Dramas to Watch Instead of Grey's Anatomy

10 Medical K-Dramas to Watch Instead of Grey's Anatomy
Image credit: ABC, SBS TV

South Korean-style medical procedurals are just what the doctor ordered.

Medical shows have long been a huge part of the television industry and are here to stay. We have General Hospital, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, House M.D. and so many more shows of different genres but with the same premise.

The time has come to explore the South Korean version of medical shows, which have a unique vibe and unlikely storytelling. Here are ten of the best to binge-watch.

1. Dr. Romantic

Dr. Romantic starts in the top 10 and is really considered the best medical show the industry has to offer. The show has three seasons now, and that's actually something extraordinary, because most Korean shows end after season 1. The K-drama is about Young-Joo, a surgeon who, after many years of seclusion, changes his name, moves to a small town and starts helping people again.

2. Kill Me, Heal Me

The K-drama revolves around business heir Cha Do-hyun who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and has seven alter egos. He tried to find someone who could help him and met Oh Ri-jin, a first year psychiatry resident. However, everything started to change for the worse when Ri-jin's brother started digging up dirt on the man's rich family.

3. Hospital Playlist

You can stream this K-drama on Netflix right now if you are ready to dive into the lives of five best friends who have been together since they met in medical school and now are working in the same hospital. The show is really warm and hilarious, and also has many heartfelt moments.

4. Good Doctor

The 2013 K-drama that turned out to be so great that it was even adapted by Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios, which released the remake of the same name in 2017. As in the popular reboot, the titular character of this series is an autistic savant who tries to prove his worth over the course of the show.

5. Doctor Prisoner

The example of a dark K-drama that follows a wrongly accused and kicked out of the hospital top surgeon Na Yi-Je, who later starts working as a doctor in prison. The main reason for this is that he wants to find those responsible for his misfortune and take revenge.

6. Doctor John

The K-drama revolves around two doctors, and the ongoing question of the morality behind euthanasia. Cha Yo-Han is a first class anesthesiologist who comes across as rude and cold. He even got behind bars for euthanizing all the patients who were already dying and whom he wasn’t able to help. Together with another doctor, Kang Si-Young, they do their best to heal people and make sure they don’t resort to euthanasia in all possible cases.

7. Life

Life focuses on Jin-Woo, who works as an emergency specialist at one of Korea's top hospitals. However, when the director of the center suddenly dies from a sudden fall, Jin-Woo assumes that it wasn't an accident at all and begins his own investigation. As it turns out, many dark conspiracies are blossoming in the place.

8. Blood

Not only a medical drama, but also a vampire show is not something you are used to seeing on TV, especially on Korean TV. However, the show's compelling story makes it one of the best in the industry. The drama’s main character is a successful surgeon with a huge secret, and it takes us a lot of effort not to joke about doctor Michael Morbius.

9. Birthcare Center

The all-female drama is definitely considered the best in the genre and offers fans a realistic view of motherhood. The questions of how to be a good mother are raised in the show, and the difficulties that every woman faces after giving birth are also shown.

10. Soul Mechanic

This K-drama is different from all of the above because it's largely focused on exploring human feelings and emotions. The show still has a very charming main storyline that revolves around psychiatrist Lee Shi-joon, who has managed to find peace with himself. Shi-joon masterfully mixes his skills with humor, and brings psychiatric healing to another level. Who said therapy must always bring you to tears?