10 Most Iconic Ghostface Quotes You Never Want to Hear On the Phone

10 Most Iconic Ghostface Quotes You Never Want to Hear On the Phone
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Movies make psychos more creative, so it is better to stay safe than sorry.

In the world of horror films, the Scream franchise has solidified its place in pop culture history with its fearsome villain known as the Ghostface Killer. The character is terrifying with their creepy mask and eight-inch hunting knife, but their voice-changing device, which they use to taunt and terrorize their victims over the phone, makes the character twice as scary.

Here are 10 iconic Ghostface quotes you wish you’d never hear on the other end of the line.

10. Do You Think I Made It Inside Your House Before You Could Re-arm?

Imagine the scenario: you're home alone, having a seemingly innocent conversation about horror movies with a stranger on the phone, and then you get this ominous question. Scream 5 has brought a new wave of terror to Woodsboro, targeting a new generation, and Tara is the first to fall prey to Ghostface's mind games.

Though the alarm system failed Tara, she still managed to survive the encounter with the serial killer lurking unnoticed in the houses.

9. By The Time I See You, I'll Have Gutted Your Baby Boy

Ghostface is notorious for not only targeting his victims but also their loved ones, which makes this quote especially harrowing as it threatens the safety of an innocent child. In Scream 5, Sheriff Judy Hicks makes an anticipated comeback but receives a chilling phone call from Ghostface threatening her son, Wes.

Her desperate race to save him ends in a deadly trap, with Ghostface exploiting a mother's protective instincts for their own gain.

8. I Never Said I Was In Your Closet

This line from Scream 4 is a chilling reminder that in the presence of Ghostface, no corner is truly safe, as the malevolent killer could be anywhere in your home. Kirby Reed's fearless encounter with Ghostface on the phone may not have shaken her as she boldly searches the closet for the killer, but the unexpected emptiness adds a chilling twist to the scene.

This moment not only plays with the audience's expectations but also cleverly targets a completely different character while making you believe that Kirby is the real prey.

7. I'm Talking About How Much Fun It's Gonna Be To Rip Your Insides Out!

Scream 3 opened with Ghostface targeting the sequel's prime suspect, Cotton Weary, and his girlfriend, Christine, and introducing a disturbing new tactic - imitating other people's voices to sow terror. In this chilling scene, Ghostface's use of the quoted line on Christine, while mimicking her boyfriend's voice, left Christine petrified and confused.

6. Have You Ever Felt A Knife Rip Through Human Flesh And Scrape The Bone Beneath?

Randy Meeks, a character beloved by fans for his in-depth knowledge of horror films and his witty personality, met a tragic end in Scream 2 after his prediction of events following a horror movie sequel proved eerily accurate.

In a shocking and brutal daytime scene, Ghostface kidnapped him, dragged him into a van and ruthlessly stabbed him to death right after delivering a monologue full of graphic details about Randy's murder.

5. Who Do You Want To Hear Die?

Scream 5 continued the franchise's tradition of showcasing Ghostface's penchant for twisted mind games, as the Ghostface killer echoed the original Ghostface's sinister tactics by forcing Sam to make a terrifying choice between her boyfriend Richie and her sister Tara.

This chilling ultimatum not only lures Dewey to his death but takes a particularly macabre turn by putting the responsibility on the victim to choose who will suffer the most.

4. If You Want To Be In The Hospital, I'd Be Happy To Put You There

Ghostface's ability to sneak up on people via phone is one of the trademarks of their fearsome presence, and Scream 4 provides one of the best examples. In a chilling scene, Sydney's press agent, Rebecca, tries to deceive the killer about her whereabouts, but Ghostface quickly uncovers her ruse, ratchets up the tension, and suggests that the character will end up in the morgue right after the conversation concludes.

3. Do You Want To Die Tonight?

Scream 2 further developed the familiar terror of Ghostface, delivering one of the movie's standout kills that paid homage to the original, as Ghostface stalked a sorority girl, Cici, through a maze-like house.

The killer's phone call began innocently enough, with Cici assuming it was her boyfriend. However, the tension escalated dramatically when Ghostface slyly reminded her to check the alarm, revealing that they were already inside the house, leaving Cici no room for negotiation or escape.

2. Listen You Little B*tch, You Hang Up On Me Again and I'll Gut You Like a Fish!

During the very first call from the killer, Casey's conversation with Ghostface picks up speed as the tone shifts dramatically from playful to intensely terrifying. Ghostface's patience wears thin after being hung up on and cursed at, making it alarmingly clear to Casey that she's in grave danger.

This ominous quote also serves as an unsettling premonition, as Ghostface ultimately fulfills his promise to "gut her like a fish."

1. What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

The cornerstone of the Scream franchise's meta-storytelling is this iconic line from the very first phone dialogue with the Ghostface Killer. The casualness of the question, coupled with the impending danger, makes it one of the most memorable moments in the franchise, and one that fits perfectly into the modern era of horror films even decades later.

Moreover, its frequent parody and homage in various media have solidified it as one of the most unforgettable lines in pop culture history — one that you definitely do not want to experience on your own.

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