10 Movie Rip-Offs Surprisingly Better Than the Original

10 Movie Rip-Offs Surprisingly Better Than the Original
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Although most directors value originality in the scripts they work with, some producers don't see it that way and often hire screenwriters who blatantly rip off existing movies. It's difficult to negotiate the rights to remake a film, and sometimes producers are so confident in the material that they decide to use other films as inspiration without the permission of the original creators.

Needless to say, this practice sounds a bit questionable, but sometimes the writers and directors do their job so expertly that the rip-off movie somehow becomes even better than the original.

Here are 15 movie rip-offs that turned out better than expected:

Yes, we were shocked to learn that so many iconic movies were actually rip-offs! However, the insane quality of the above-mentioned movies makes calling them rip-offs a bit complicated. After all, the directors and screenwriters changed the narrative, characters, and setting so much that there are almost no traces of the original films, except for overarching plot lines and vibes.

Still, the producers should have credited the original creators, put their names in the credits, and called their movies remakes. Who knows, maybe if the movies on this list had credited the source material, fans wouldn't have hated the word "remake" so much today!