10 Must-Watch Thrillers on Prime to Stream in February 2024

10 Must-Watch Thrillers on Prime to Stream in February 2024
Image credit: Universal Pictures

Prime is a great service if you want to have your dose of suspense and thrill.

These are some of the thriller movies that somehow went under the radar — but we're here to remind you of their existence.

What makes a thriller good? It should be unpredictable yet cohesive. The way the story unravels should feel organic and surprising enough simultaneously to keep you on the edge of your seat without leaving you too confused after the movie has ended.

And these movies achieve that. You think that you understand everything, that you yourself can draw the conclusions from all the hints that were left already, and yet the plot gets twisted in an unimaginable way once again, the image that you built in your head breaks into tiny shards to accommodate this new piece of information and everything aligns even more perfectly than it was before.

From murder mysteries to psychological suspense, these movies allow you to experience thrills of any type and get the adrenaline pumping in your veins. Some may force you to think about things that you never even thought about before. And maybe that's for the best: cinema can be not just entertaining but enlightening.