10 Recent Johnny Depp Movies Proving His Career's Not Dead After All

10 Recent Johnny Depp Movies Proving His Career's Not Dead After All
Image credit: Samuel Goldwyn Films, American International Pictures

Have you forgotten the actor? Watch these flicks.

Many viewers, tired of following the news, have already buried the career of the main pirate of the Caribbean. Fans of Johnny Depp, accustomed to the emotional swings that have always characterized his career, are sure that the old Johnny still has something to say.

And these 10 movies prove that he indeed has.

1. Jeanne du Barry

Jeanne du Barry opened this year's Cannes Film Festival, and therefore the attention to the movie was increased. The reason to watch the movie is the rather unusual role of Johnny Depp. After successfully suing Amber Heard, the actor returns to the profession.

The movie tells the story of Jeanne, who was born in 1743 into the family of an impoverished seamstress and became the last official mistress at the court of the French king Louis XV.

2. Minamata

One of the most tragic roles in Depp's career. The movie became a kind of comeback for the actor when Hollywood tried to cancel the actor after the scandal with Amber Heard. He has never shied away from drama, but the movie could well be considered a breakthrough for the late stage of Depp's career.

War photographer Eugene Smith comes to Japan where an environmental disaster is unfolding in the small coastal town of Minamata, caused by the mercury poisoning. From there, Smith will produce a report that will shock the world, take some of the greatest photographs in history, and embark on a difficult journey of overcoming and self-discovery.

3. Waiting for the Barbarians

The movie is an adaptation of John Coetzee's novel of the same name. The movie had all the makings of a box office hit: a mysterious empire, impeccable settings, Depp and Robert Pattinson. But the movie was received extremely coldly.

A cruel colonel arrives from the capital to a small town on the border of a nameless empire. There are rumors in town that his arrival is connected to an imminent attack by barbarian tribes from the border desert.

4. City of Lies

City of Lies is based on true events and a book by reporter Randall Sullivan. Although the case was closed, it is still considered unsolved. Rumor has it that even the official release of the film was disrupted by the Los Angeles Police Department when Depp’s scandalous trial began.

The murders of hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. haunt detective Russell Poole. A former cop believes that the alleged earlier war between gangs or rap groups is just a cover, and the Los Angeles Police Department is involved in the case.

5. The Professor

The whole movie became a kind of experiment in which everything revolves around one person. It's obvious that the project was created specifically for Johnny Depp. A provocative mix of comedy and drama, based on an extremely dark topic, found its audience.

After a college professor receives a fatal diagnosis, he acts very differently than anyone else in his position. Along with a serious threat, all prohibitions disappear from his life and he begins to live to the fullest without any restrictions.

6. Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie

This is a satirical interpretation of Donald John Trump's 1987 best-selling book, The Art of the Deal.

The film was made exclusively for an online audience by members of the Funny or Die project, known for its comedy shows featuring A-list stars. The filming was done in the strictest confidence; nearly all of the participants signed a special nondisclosure agreement. Despite it being a parody, the viewer can sometimes forget that he is watching a movie. It's as if the real Trump is on the screen, not Depp in a funny wig.

7. Transcendence

The film's director, Wally Pfister, was the cinematographer on most of Christopher Nolan 's early films. Transcendence is a sign of respect for a colleague and mentor. The music, the special effects, even the idea itself, are all similar to Nolan hits.

Johnny Depp plays an AI researcher whose mind is uploaded into a computer after an assassination attempt by an anti-progressive terrorist group. When the researcher gains almost unlimited power and goes insane, his wife and colleagues realize it is too late to unplug him.

8. Murder on the Orient Express

2017's Murder on the Orient Express is the fifth film adaptation of Agatha Christie's detective novel of the same name. The first one made in 1974 is considered the best, which the director of the new adaptation, Kenneth Branagh, decided to focus on, gathering a star cast.

Wherever the famous detective Hercule Poirot ends up, complicated crimes will find him. This time he travels on the Orient Express, where he immediately meets the gangster. He demands protection for a large sum of money. During the night, the gangster is brutally killed and all the passengers of the train are under suspicion.

9. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The last chapter of the franchise for Depp. In the next movie, Mads Mikkelsen took his place, and the creators were forced to admit the failure. The loss of Depp was perhaps a fatal blow for Fantastic Beasts, but at least the first installment gave audiences some pleasant nostalgia.

Grindelwald ended up in prison, but immediately escaped and set out to ensure the wizards' complete dominance over mere mortals. The not-yet-gray Albus Dumbledore and his student Newt Scamander are in a hurry to stop him.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Trying to find something new in everyone's favorite story, the authors of the fifth part of the super popular franchise became hostages of themselves: the reluctance to let go of previous developments and characters spoiled the whole impression.

Captain Jack Sparrow, as always, cannot spend a day without getting into some kind of trouble. Jack discovers that he is being hunted by his old enemy, a terrifying ghostly creature in half-human form named Captain Salazar.