10 Romantic Hallmark Movies That Are Based on True Stories

10 Romantic Hallmark Movies That Are Based on True Stories
Image credit: The Cartel, CBS

Hallmark movies are known for being unabashedly sweet, sometimes even a bit too much — but that's exactly what their appeal is.

Surprisingly, some of the Hallmark movies were inspired by wholesome stories that happened in real life.

Throughout the decades, Hallmark movies and their distinctly positive vibe solidified themselves as perfect pick-me-up stories capable of igniting the warmest and fuzziest feelings in any viewer.

And knowing that at least some of the movies based their plots on true events somehow helps to reestablish faith in humanity. These stories, focusing on humans connecting with each other, helping each other, and picking themselves up after failures because someone believed in them, let the viewers relax and remember that the world is not as grim as it is portrayed on social media that invokes obsessive doom scrolling.

Characters in movies like Beyond the Blackboard or Apple Mortgage Cake inspire us to keep going and keep doing what we believe is right, even facing dire circumstances and wanting to give up.

If you're pursuing your dream, if you're doing what has to be done, other people will join you and help you when it gets too hard. These movies help nurture this thought.