10 Sci-Fi Movie Remakes That Managed to Surpass The Original

10 Sci-Fi Movie Remakes That Managed to Surpass The Original
Image credit: Universal Pictures

Remaking a beloved classic might sound like a doomed proposition from the start, because if there's one thing fans hate, it's when Hollywood tries to cash in on classic films by ruining them with unnecessary updates, odd casting choices, and new storylines.

However, talented directors and screenwriters are still able to surprise fans from time to time by releasing well thought out remakes that actually stay true to the source material and put fandom ahead of box office predictions. And sometimes the remakes become even more popular than the originals!

Here are 10 sci-fi movie remakes that actually surpassed the original:

Yes, there are some iconic sci-fi movies on this list, some of which are still watched and re-watched by millions of fans. However, many people don't realize that these are remakes of the classics, because the screenwriters changed so many things that only the general outline of the previous movie remained.

Of course, some fans still prefer the originals to the remakes, and they have pretty good reasons for doing so. Nevertheless, it can't be denied that remakes are much more popular and play a more important role in the history of cinema, overshadowing the works they were once inspired by.

You can love both originals and remakes, but the 10 films on this list have clearly surpassed their source material, even if only in terms of popularity.