12 Most Bingeable TV Shows of the 2010s on Netflix, Prime & More

12 Most Bingeable TV Shows of the 2010s on Netflix, Prime & More
Image credit: HBO, ABC

The previous decade, the 2010s, is known as the beginning of the era of streaming services, and they popularized the concept of binge-watching.

Before them, you had to get your hands on a stack of DVDs first, but now you can just navigate to whatever show you wish to submerge yourself into on your TV and get on with it. So it's no surprise that some of the most bingeable shows appeared right when the term itself was coined.

Streaming services made various shows more easily available, and because of that the viewers gained access to stories exploring vastly different topics.

Fleabag forces you to keep watching because the show's unique brand of wit and humor with a side of despair is extremely entertaining, and you can finish the whole run in one weekend.

Better Call Saul which started as a Breaking Bad spin-off gathered a life of its own yet still perfectly fits in the universe created by the critically acclaimed drama, offering more depth to the characters and the lore.

And Succession has more twists and turns than your favorite roller coaster, which makes it impossible to put it down: there's never a right moment for a break.