15 A-Listers Unceremoniously Dumped from Major Movies

15 A-Listers Unceremoniously Dumped from Major Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

Popularity is not plot armor: it doesn't necessarily protect you from lots of things and it's quite fragile by itself, capable of crumbling any moment.

These 15 actors learned it the hard way as they were fired from some of their projects despite being well-known professionals in the industry.

Now, 'fired' is not necessarily a bad thing. The feeling of things not working out the way they should be mutual between the production team and the actor, and that's okay: all of these people want the project to succeed, and if they feel that the actor simply doesn't fit the role, or their vision is too different from what the director has, then no matter how famous they are, they need to go.

There are, however, some cases of interpersonal clashes and just actors behaving inappropriately, and that can't be excused. All the money in the world and the amount of weight their name has in the industry won't keep them afloat forever and one day they will crumble.

One day their arrogance will backfire and they will lose a project that could've made them even more famous or helped them stay at the Olympus of popularity for far longer.