15 Best '90s Movies to Stream on Netflix in March 2024

15 Best '90s Movies to Stream on Netflix in March 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

If you're plagued by the '90s nostalgia and want to surround yourself with the works made in that decade but you only have a Netflix subscription, then you have at least 15 great movies to choose from.

They're well-known, they changed the industry, their impact is noticeable even more than 30 years later — they're simply good.

The 90s are known as one of the wildest eras of pop culture because different parts of the entertainment industry were flooded by creativity, by much more open minds that offered new ideas and worked on them, showing how diverse it can be.

Maybe it's nostalgia talking, but this decade provided us with some of the most widely referenced movies that have left a lasting impact on worldwide pop culture.

Knowing these movies is a shared experience for people around the world, and no amount of reboots would be able to overshadow the brilliance of the originals and create such a huge uproar(we're talking about Jumanji here, for example).

And even if it is nostalgia talking, there's nothing bad in it: revisiting things from the past may bring people the comfort they felt when they first enjoyed that work. So go on, indulge!