15 Best Horror Movies of 2024 So Far, Ranked by Tomatometer

15 Best Horror Movies of 2024 So Far, Ranked by Tomatometer
Image credit: Neon

Rotten Tomatoes is a trusted source because it aggregates opinions both from those who consider themselves professional movie critics and regular viewers.

So we did the job for you and scrolled the site for the best horror movies that have already been released in 2024.

In nearly three months of this year, a lot has happened in different areas of life, and the movie industry is no exception. 2024 has already given us a bunch of horror movies of various states of freshness.

Lots of the movies openly stated that they derived the inspiration from the horror flicks of the past decades: Here For Blood pays homage to the '90s while Lisa Frankenstein dives deeper, into the '80s, and doesn't take itself seriously which makes opinions about it so polarizing. But many more works offer something new.

Out Of Darkness strips the survival thriller of anything that doesn't directly ass to the thrilling and surviving parts of the plot; Stopmotion, the one that reigns at the top of the list, offers mind-bending visuals of a person slipping into the insanity of a made-up world; and T-Blockers mixes the horrors of an alien invasion with the horrors of the current political climate and some humor.