15 Best Horror Movies on Max to Stream in February 2024

15 Best Horror Movies on Max to Stream in February 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

Streaming services truly ease our access to entertainment, but their libraries are huge and sometimes you just can't decide what to watch and you don't rely on suggestion algorithms.

We're here to help with our list catered to horror fans who have an HBO's Max subscription: a collection of a whopping 15 movies that you can watch this February.

In the overall culture February is not a spooky month but a month filled with love and romance, but who's gonna stop us from getting our dose of thrill any time of the year?

Every site posts a lovey-dovey list, but hear us out: watching horrors together is even more romantic than watching romcoms. Imagine: there's a very intense moment on screen, and one of you gets the chills, needs to grab onto something for grounding, and you end up holding hands! Or you can laugh together at how VFX was executed. Or you can speculate which one of you would die first in these movies.

Also, you don't have to focus on romance just because it's February. Any month is great for horrors, and HBO has enough of them to keep you entertained for quite some time — whether you're alone or not.