15 Best Movies Released in the 2000s

15 Best Movies Released in the 2000s
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The 2000s truly were something, huh? Sometimes it feels like they don't make 'em like that anymore.

1. "Gladiator" (2000)

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After being betrayed by the corrupt prince Commodus (played by Joaquin Phoenix ), Maximus (Russell Crowe) is reduced to slavery. But he doesn't stay down for long. He rises through the ranks of the gladiator arena, all with one goal in mind: vengeance against Commodus. The Colosseum battles are epic, and the political intrigue in Rome keeps you hooked. And who could forget the iconic line, "Are you not entertained?"

2. "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" (2001)

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Middle Earth came alive with Peter Jackson's adaptation. Frodo Baggins, a young hobbit, inherits a ring. But it's no ordinary piece of jewelry. This ring has the power to control all of Middle Earth. With a fellowship of friends including Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf, Frodo sets out to destroy the ring in the fires of Mount Doom. But the evil Sauron wants it back. Elves, dwarves, orcs, and epic battles – this movie has it all. And to think, this is just the first in a trilogy!

3. "Finding Nemo" (2003)

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Who knew fish could be so relatable? Marlin, an overprotective clownfish, loses his son Nemo when he's captured by a diver. Determined to find him, Marlin embarks on a journey across the ocean. Along the way, he meets Dory, a forgetful blue tang fish. Together, they face sharks, jellyfish, and even a group of laid-back sea turtles. Meanwhile, Nemo ends up in a fish tank in a dentist's office, planning his escape with a group of tank-mates.

4. "The Dark Knight" (2008)

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Gotham City's in trouble again, but this time, it's not just any villain causing chaos. It's the Joker, played brilliantly by Heath Ledger. Batman, our caped crusader, has his hands full. The Joker's not just about theft or power; he wants to prove that anyone can be corrupted. Remember when he made two ferries full of people decide which one would blow up first? Or when he turned Harvey Dent, Gotham's White Knight, into the vengeful Two-Face? It's a gripping game of cat and mouse, with high stakes and higher tension.

5. "The Departed" (2006)

Set in Boston, this crime thriller is all about double-crossing. Billy Costigan, an undercover cop, infiltrates the mob led by Frank Costello. Meanwhile, Colin Sullivan, a criminal, infiltrates the police. As both sides try to uncover the mole in their midst, the lines between right and wrong blur. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon give stellar performances, and Jack Nicholson as Costello? Pure gold. The tension is palpable, especially when identities start unraveling. And that elevator scene? Didn't see it coming!

6. "A Beautiful Mind" (2001)

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Russell Crowe shines again, but this time as John Nash, a brilliant mathematician. Nash's work on game theory promises a successful career, but things take a turn when he starts seeing imaginary people. These hallucinations, stemming from schizophrenia, threaten to derail his life and career. As Nash grapples with his condition, the support from his wife Alicia becomes crucial.

7. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003)

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Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is on a quest to retrieve his stolen ship, the Black Pearl. But there's a catch. The crew of the Black Pearl is cursed, turning into skeletons under the moonlight. With the help of blacksmith Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, Jack faces off against cursed pirates, treacherous seas, and the British navy. Swashbuckling action, witty one-liners, and an unforgettable theme song make this a must-watch.

8. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004)

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Ever wished to erase memories of a painful breakup? Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski did just that. After their relationship ends, Clementine undergoes a procedure to erase Joel from her memory. Heartbroken, Joel decides to do the same. But as his memories start fading, he realizes he wants to hold onto them. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are a match made in cinematic heaven.

9. "Slumdog Millionaire" (2008)

Jamal Malik, a young man from the slums of Mumbai, is one question away from winning India's version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" But how does a "slumdog" know so much? As Jamal is interrogated for cheating, he recounts his life story, explaining how each question relates to an event in his life. From escaping riots to losing his mother and searching for his lost love, Latika, Jamal's life is a tapestry of adventure, love, and destiny. And who can forget the catchy "Jai Ho" dance at the end?

10. "No Country for Old Men" (2007)

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Set in Texas in the 1980s, Llewelyn Moss stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and takes a suitcase full of money. This act sets off a violent chain of events, with the cold-blooded assassin Anton Chigurh on his trail. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, witnessing the brutality, laments the changing times and the rise of senseless violence.

11. "Pan's Labyrinth" (2006)

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In the post-Civil War era of Franco's Spain, young Ofelia and her pregnant mother move to a rural outpost where they are joined by her new stepfather, a cruel and authoritarian army officer. Amidst the political and familial turmoil, Ofelia discovers a mysterious and magical labyrinth presided over by the mythical faun, Pan. He sets her three tasks to prove she is the reincarnation of a lost princess.

12. "Spirited Away" (2001)

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Chihiro, a sullen ten-year-old girl, finds herself trapped in a mysterious and hauntingly beautiful world of spirits and gods when her parents are transformed into pigs. To save them and escape this world, she takes a job in a bathhouse owned by the witch Yubaba. Each task and encounter with spirits like the enigmatic Haku and the silent No-Face is a step towards maturity, understanding, and acceptance for Chihiro.

13. "Amélie" (2001)

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In the heart of Paris, Amélie, a shy waitress with a vivid imagination and a penchant for small pleasures, decides to become a do-gooder. After returning a box of childhood treasures to a former occupant of her apartment, she sets out on a mission to make those around her happy, from her father to her reclusive neighbor.

14. "The Incredibles" (2004)

Meet the Parrs, a family of former superheroes living under assumed identities after all super-powered activities have been banned by the government. Bob, the father, once known as Mr. Incredible, is itching to get back into action. When a mysterious message summons him to a remote island for a top-secret assignment, he jumps at the chance. But it's a trap, and soon the entire Parr family is pulled into a confrontation with an old nemesis.

15. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000)

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In ancient China, a legendary warrior, Li Mu Bai, decides to retire and gives his sword, the Green Destiny, to his lover, Yu Shu Lien. But the sword is stolen by a mysterious thief, leading Li and Yu on a chase to recover it. They encounter Jen, a rebellious aristocrat who has been trained in the deadly arts and harbors secrets of her own.