15 Best Sci-Fi & Horror Films to Stream on Paramount+ in April 2024

15 Best Sci-Fi & Horror Films to Stream on Paramount+ in April 2024
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

Even though Paramount's streaming platform came late to the party, when the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime were already making millions with their massive libraries and original shows and movies, it quickly found its own audience.

And while Paramount + is best known as the home of Taylor Sheridan 's hard-boiled shows, it also has a pretty interesting selection of older movies, especially those considered fringe by the general audience - horror and sci-fi.

Here are 15 of the best horror and sci-fi movies to stream on Paramount +:

As you may have noticed, there are only hits on this list, as all of the above 15 movies are still considered the top of the food chain when it comes to horror and sci-fi genres.

These movies alone are worth a subscription to the streaming platform, because while older fans were able to see them in theaters, newer ones don't have that chance, but still want to see them.

Paramount Studios' extensive back catalog has made the streaming service a hit with fans, and the original shows and movies it dishes up from time to time make viewers love the platform even more. Don't miss out on the chance to watch or rewatch the great movies we've included on this list!