15 Movies With 0% Rating So Ridiculously Bad They’re Actually Good

15 Movies With 0% Rating So Ridiculously Bad They’re Actually Good
Image credit: Legion-Media, GVN Releasing

Sometimes, cringy horror is better than good comedy.

Although many people prefer to check the Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie they are about to see, this does not mean that the critics are always right. Just like the audience, they have their biases and can't be trusted 100%, so it's always better to make up your own mind. However, when a movie has a 0% rating, it definitely says... something.

While these 15 movies may not be the best in terms of writing, acting, production, or anything else, they really do have one great quality: they can make you cringe. And sometimes that is more than enough for a fun movie night with friends.

Killing Me Softly (2002)

As a genre, the erotic thriller isn't the easiest to produce in a classy way. Killing Me Softly fails to do so, as the ‘erotic’ part seems too perverted and the ‘thriller’ part lacks anything really exciting. No matter how much Chen Kaige's talent is respected, his first attempt in English-language cinema was a huge failure.

A Thousand Words (2012)

This is what happens when you take one of the greatest comedy talents in the industry, Eddie Murphy, and cut out one of his best assets. A Thousand Words is the story of a literary agent who got everyone so sick of him talking that they found a way to shut him up. Between the weak premise and the dated jokes, the movie is more pitiful than funny.

Gotti (2017)

It is not easy to make a mobster movie so bad that no one will ever want to recommend it, simply because of how popular the genre is. But John Travolta's New York mobster John Gotti was so far from reality that audiences couldn't bring themselves to care. It's a special talent to make a movie about a crime family boring, but Gotti's team pulled it off perfectly.

Pinocchio (2002)

At this point, it's better to admit that Pinocchio must be cursed for all filmmakers and move on. If you thought the 2022 live-action movie was the worst you've seen of this story, try watching the early 2000s version. It's much less memorable and much more creepy, thanks to the creepiness of the puppet story.

The Ridiculous Six (2015)

The only ridiculous thing about this movie is that Adam Sandler 's career wasn't completely ruined by the passionate fans of the Western genre. For some, The Ridiculous Six is simply painfully unfunny, but others may find it downright offensive. Either way, it is a movie you have to mentally prepare yourself for.

Staying Alive (1983)

John Travolta in a movie with a 0% Rotten Tomatoes rating? A likely place for him, it turns out. With the '70s disco fever coming to an end in the '80s, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever was considered completely unnecessary to begin with. The lack of meaning behind the dance sequences only adds to the disaster that is this movie.

A Missed Call (2008)

It's not uncommon for any horror movie to be trashed by critics, but not many of them end up with a 0% rating. One Missed Call is universally bad, thanks to the lack of actual horror twists and bland acting. However, as a horror movie parody of the original 2003 J-horror of the same name, it is more than watchable.

Dark Crimes (2016)

Even actors as talented and admired as Jim Carrey have their misses, and Dark Crimes is certainly one of them. Seemingly, Dark Crimes had all the ingredients to be a success, from intriguing source material to a great director and screenwriter, but something went wrong and the end product failed to impress a single critic.

Look Who's Talking Now (1993)

Let's be clear, no movie in the Look Who's Talking franchise has ever been good, with the first one rated at 55% and the rest going down and down until they hit rock bottom. Despite being a comedy, Look Who's Talking is desperately unfunny, lacks chemistry between its leads, and stars John Travolta, which says a lot.

London Fields (2018)

To say that The Gentlemen star Theo James has had a rocky start to his career would be an understatement, but this project is undoubtedly the film he'd like to erase from his filmography. Intended as a thriller starring Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Jim Sturgess, Cara Delevigne and many other celebrities, London Fields ended up being an overly sexualized mess.

Problem Child (1990)

If you don't have a problem with borderline disgusting shock comedy, you may not find Problem Child nearly as bad as it's rated. However, the majority of viewers over the age of 5 will probably not enjoy this movie and will find it completely unfunny. Moreover, half of the jokes end up being downright mean.

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002)

Another A-list filled trash of a movie with Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu trying to act in between all the action scenes with little to no wit and feeling behind them. The story of an FBI agent who lost his wife should be touching, but the movie fails to show any emotion, instead digging itself deeper into the grave of complex subplots that nobody cares about.

Left Behind (2014)

If there's a disaster movie with lower stakes than Left Behind, we haven't found it yet. Most of the movie takes place after God's rapture, and even then it manages to avoid all the really sharp issues that theology can bring up. The movie is watchable, but the only question it leaves the viewer with is 'why'.

Folks! (1992)

While the material for Folks! could have been turned into a dark comedy, Ted Kotcheff, the film's director, failed to see the potential in it and created something much worse instead. The comedy that was supposed to be dizzyingly funny ended up being downright ageist and borderline offensive to half of the audience.

The Last Days of American Crime (2020)

All those award season hosts who have joked about the length of movies should be forced to sit through 2.5 hours of The Last Days of American Crime to understand when it is really too much. With action, mystery and thriller listed as its genres, the movie lacks all three of these components and becomes a torture for anyone trying to watch it seriously.