15 Record-Setting TV Shows with the Most Emmy Nominations Ever

15 Record-Setting TV Shows with the Most Emmy Nominations Ever
Image credit: globallookpress

Let's face it - entertainment awards don't really mean much in this day and age, as most of the nominations for movies and shows are secured by producers well in advance of the official voting, which defeats the whole purpose of the awards.

That said, the quantity of awards that shows receive from the Emmy still means something in terms of quality, and the shows with the most nominations can easily be described as the best in the game.

Here are the 15 TV shows with the most Emmy nominations of all time:

It's no surprise that most of the shows on this list are quite long, since the longer a show runs, the more opportunities it has to earn nominations. However, relatively small shows like "The Sopranos " and "Game of Thrones " managed to get an amazing amount of nominations without running for more than a decade.

But of course, the most nominated show in Emmy history is "Saturday Night Live," which has been on the air since the mid-1970s and gets noms every single year.

Of course, the shows on this list are not ranked in terms of quality, only in terms of Emmy nominations, which may only indicate that the shows themselves are great, not actually prove it.